Boxing in VR and connected yoga mats, tech plays sports coaches

This morning, to get to work, I put on my trainers, connected my watch to my headset and chose to travel with… Prince William on my wrist. That’s a 20-minute walk in the county of Norfolk, with the chirping of birds and the confidences of the Duke of Cambridge in the background, interspersed with a playlist of his own. He told me about his walks with his father, but also about the need to take care of my mental fitness. On arrival, I had burned 64 calories, walked 1.2 kilometers and my heart rate curve was quite satisfactory. A fiction ? Far from there.

Walking with Prince William…via the Apple Watch

Sheathing, Pilates, preparation for skiing… Apple’s Fitness + service, with a version integrated into the Apple Watch, landed in France at the end of 2021, with a lot of people, artists and athletes to coach us. The heart of the American giant’s target: the 3.5 million French people who own a connected watch (1) and who claim to use it 100% for their daily life… and their sports activities. Already well occupied by brands like Garmin or Fitbit, the niche is also invested by generalists. Like the Chinese Huawei, which to launch its Watch GT Runner at the end of January, unveiled the backstage of an R&D center worthy of the Olympics.

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Aerate, purify, disinfect… tech for our current obsessions

Basically, by temporarily closing access to sports halls, the health crisis has only accentuated, as often, a movement already in motion. “As with e-commerce, people are no longer afraid to get started”, observes Florent Roulier, head of digital innovation at Niji. Back from the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the specialist underlines the importance taken for three, four years by the theme of sport on this global tech show and salutes the latest innovations:

“You can do yoga with a mat connected to haptic feedback to correct postures (YogiFi), boxing on a punching bag in VR (Liteboxer VR), immersive rowing machine (Hydrow). The body itself becomes an object of data. Thus, the Abbott laboratory presented a glucose sensor for athletes. Connected to an app, it allows continuous analysis of the effect of food on performance…”

Does this world scare you? Come on, hop, we hold two minutes of guided breathing on his watch.

(1): Source: Kantar, September 2021.

When tech is interested in our well-being (with more or less success)

on the wave



Founded by champion Kévin Lestrade, a former high-level surfer and doctor of Arts et Métiers ParisTech, the startup Bythewave, made in Hossegor, has developed the very first connected surfboard, to improve monitoring of surfers’ performance. This very innovative company, awarded at the CES in Las Vegas, also has a small manufacturing plant in Moliets and now hopes to develop internationally. 100% made in France for a now Olympic sport, to be continued!

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In the race

fenix 7S Solar - Rose Gold with Light Sand Band (Garmin)

fenix 7S Solar – Rose Gold with Light Sand Band (Garmin)

Fenix ​​7 Series, the new series of multisport watches from the American Garmin, boasts impressive performances, in particular a record autonomy of 135 hours in GPS mode (on the 7X model with solar screen) and 37 days in a connected watch. It displays more than 1400 customizable exercises, including surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or hiit. Among the new features, a monitoring of the level of endurance on the bike, an estimate of race and recovery times.

mirror, mirror

Reflect Touch - Lifestyle 2

Reflect Touch – Lifestyle 2

After rowers, bicycles or treadmills, here are connected mirrors. We can thus see ourselves there at the same time as we observe the coach. The downside? Their price and use coupled with online sessions.

On this niche, the American cador Echelon landed this year in France thanks to a French subsidiary. We will therefore have their top-of-the-range devices (mirrors but also rowers, bicycles and treadmills) as well as the ad hoc app to attend, in the company of their community of subscribers, various training sessions at any time. time of day and night…

-50% the first year with Google

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In the same spirit, a brand new Parisian start-up, Union, relies solely on a connected mirror to offer its sports community more than 200 daily sessions and lives in cardio, yoga, strength, dance, barre. …

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Theragun Elite

Theragun Elite

Theragun Elite

After the effort, make way for self-massage. The Theragun gun (yes, we feel the virile side of the object) offers to relieve muscle pain in depth thanks to percussion therapy.

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