Boxing: Freddy Kiwitt fights on Universum Boxing Night LIVE on BILD

“Impossible is nothing.”

Boxing professional Freddy Kiwitt (31) has his motto stabbed on his left forearm. “Nothing is impossible.” He himself is the best example of this …

It is not a matter of course that the welterweight will step into the ring on Saturday in the Universum Gym against Johan Perez (38 / Venezuela) live at BILDplus (7.30 p.m.). His life could have taken a different direction early on.


Because when Kiwitt was one year old, his father Werner saved him, his big brother Johannes and his mother Tutu from the brutal civil war in Liberia. At risk of death, past rebel checkpoints and child soldiers! The father worked as a project manager for agriculture and schools in the West African country.

“If he hadn’t got us out of the war, I don’t know what would have happened to us,” says Kiwitt. But so the family ended up in the small town of Glücksburg at the gates of Flensburg. From there he set out to conquer the boxing world.

Preliminary high point: In 2019, the “Pretty Boy” (because he was an amateur shadow boxing in front of the mirror) secured the European Championship and the Africa Championship. But only a month later the brutal career kink: In his adopted home of London, Kiwitt lost to Englishman Luther Clay (25). Then came Corona. Two years without a fight followed, in which the father of three families made it through as a personal trainer.

Now he’s daring to restart at Universum!

“I want to fight for the title again next year,” says Kiwitt confidently.

After ten years in England, he and his family moved back to Flensburg. In order to completely clear his head, he moved in to prepare for ex-world champion Perez in the gym. “The training camp here was really good for me, physically and physically. To be here, to concentrate on boxing and to get a lot more out of it, that’s great. I notice that correctly. “

Kiwitt has never forgotten its origins. In addition to his career as an athlete, he is therefore involved with the “Boxing is love” association in Liberia. “It’s a tough balance. When I’m in the ring, I’m Freddy the boxer. But actually I’m the more committed type. I want to get up as far as possible so I can address more people. And maybe motivate more people. “


The association tries to set up boxing gyms in one of the poorest countries in the world. “It’s about getting people interested and showing them, okay, there’s something else besides football,” says Kiwitt. “70 percent of the population is under 25, there are so many young people with potential, but without opportunities to make something of themselves. I just want to be an example and show: If I can do that, then you can do a lot more than I can. “

The fight with corrupt politicians and officials is often exhausting. “I put a lot of energy into it. And sometimes you’re so frustrated and just want to give up everything because you’re stuck, ”admits Kiwitt. He then hammers out the frustration in training.

“Then when you think about why you’re doing it, you move on,” says Kiwitt. “One of my dreams is to do a professional fight in Liberia.”

Because: Nothing is impossible …


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