Boxing: Did the referee give Tyson Fury the win against Deontay Wilder?

Was it just a referee mistake that made Fury the winner?

Tyson Fury (33) got through a crashing knockout Deontay Wilder (35) defeated for the second time. Wilder had already been counted twice by referee Russell Mora. Fury himself also lay twice on the floor.

This is exactly what there is now strong criticism!

UFC legend Daniel Cormier (42) thinks referee Mora Fury was preferred in his knockdown. He tweeted: “The count was insanely slow. (The referee) shouldn’t stop counting to tell Deontay to go to his corner. “


Fury was down twice in the fourth round. In focus: the first rainfall! Referee Mora is busy trying to get Wilder into his corner. He doesn’t count any further. Instead of the actual ten, Fury is back at seven seconds.

But: Mora did the right thing! The boxing guidelines state that the referee should stop counting if a fighter moves away from his neutral corner.

Fury ultimately recovered from those early setbacks and knocked out his American rival with a brutal right in the 11th round!


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