Boxing: After Jeremias Ponce’s knockout victory – mega fight for universe

Ismail Özen-Otto (40) took over Universum two years ago. Now the traditional boxing stable is back in the concert of the great. Universum man Jeremias Ponce (24 / Argentina) won the IBF World Cup elimination match in the super lightweight against local hero Lewis Ritson (27) by knocking out in the 10th round in Newcastle / England.

“I’m one step closer to my dream,” said the unbeaten Ponce (now 28 wins). “That is the dream you always have as a fighter.”

Because after the victory, a mega fight awaits the IBO title holder: Four-time champion Josh Taylor (30 / Scotland) has to face Ponce over the next 90 days. The battle for the millions for five belts (IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO, IBO) will be auctioned.

Özen: “That’s awesome!”

In a spectacular fight, Ponce had promoter giant Eddie Hearn’s protégé in the first round just before knockout, but he had to work hard for nine more rounds. Then the referee broke off after three downings.

Jeremias Ponce (r.) Has a tough answer to every blow from Lewis RitsonPhoto: Owen Humphreys / dpa

“It was a very tough fight, a lot harder than I expected,” puffed Ponce. Curious: the towel flew from the corner of Ritson after the first rainfall. But the referee ignored it – and threw the towel back again! Ponce: “That was a little confusing. When I saw that, to be honest, I was a bit shocked. “

So he was all the more pleased with the victory!

Just like the universe bosses. Because Ponce has only been under contract with the hamburgers for around two months. Originally he was supposed to be in the ring against Artem Harutyunyan (30). However, due to several injuries to the Olympic third party, this never happened. Then Ponce’s trainer suddenly contacted Universum matchmaker Flavio Oleaga-Mirabal and asked for help with the negotiations for the Ritson fight.

Universum got in and shared the rights with cooperation partner Frank Warren. The contract is initially valid for three fights (plus option).

Ponce spent the last ten days preparing in the gym at the fishing port. And drove back to his pregnant wife on Sunday. Oleaga-Mirabal: “He now wants to buy a small house for his family from the six-figure stock exchange.”


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