Boss Berger demands: Vettel should be in the electric DTM!

Stable order, future, Vettel – now the DTM boss is speaking!

Gerhard Berger (62) has been in charge of the touring car championship since 2017. The BILD interview.

BILD: Mercedes driver Maximilian Götz won the title last weekend, mainly thanks to a stable order …

Berger: “To be honest: I’ve slept really badly the last few nights. I’ve been a motorsport enthusiast through and through for 40 years and my athlete’s heart can’t cope with such artificial shifts. I cannot accept that either personally or in terms of sport and I also take my hat off to Ferrari and AF Corse. You have shown what athletic fairness is all about. The topic is not off the table and I will personally work for a solution. “

BILD: You recently presented a DTM Electric design model. How up-to-date is racing?

Berger: “As an automobile country, Germany needs motorsport. But: Motorsport has to go through a change in order to better represent the required sustainability standards. “

BILD: What will the DTM look like in ten years?

Berger: “We are working on some promising technologies – from hybrid technology with highly efficient combustion engines to synthetic fuels or fully electric vehicles to hydrogen.”

BILD: Sebastian Vettel is committed to environmental protection and even a speed limit. How credible is a racing driver who slows down the road?

Berger: “Basically, you have to separate the racetrack from road traffic. We in Austria have had a speed limit for many years. What many forget in the discussion about motorsport: The greatest environmental pollution does not come from the cars on the track, which only make up a negligible two to three percent in the overall assessment. The challenge is the events and everything that goes with them. Here we have to find solutions that combine sustainability and joie de vivre. This applies to motorsport as well as to all other popular sports such as football or tennis. “

BILD: How well would Vettel be in the DTM Electric?

Berger: “The question is: does Sebastian still want to drive racing cars? Because with age, the priorities shift, that’s quite natural. If he wants to continue racing, the DTM Electric would certainly be something that fits his philosophy of life. “


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