Borussia Mönchengladbach: Peintinger saves Adi Hütter’s job

The equation that many fans have been opening on social networks since Saturday evening is probably not that simple: As soon as Adi Hütter (52) is not there, things are looking up at Borussia…

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And to really have lasting hope for a worry-free season finale, a 2-0 with two standard goals against a horribly bad Hertha doesn’t really mean anything – the next basement cracker in Bochum (Fri., 8.30 p.m. / DAZN) is much better for assessing the location.

But: How assistant Christian Peintinger (54) ended the discussions about his friend Adi, who was suffering from Corona, for the time being – that has something …

Courage. Youth. initiative. This is how Peintinger buddy Hütter saves the job!

► COURAGE: With the recently hesitant style of play, Peintinger clears up his starting eleven against Berlin. For the first time this season, VfL dares to go into full force: Marcus Thuram (25), Breel Embolo (25) and Alassane Plea (29) make their starting eleven debut together on match day 26 (!). That inspires Thuram in particular: best performance of the season, penalty taken, six shots on goal, BILD grade 1!

YOUTH: With Luca Netz and Joe Scally, two 18-year-olds form the wing tongs in the 2-0 win, Jordan Beyer (21) is preferred to Marvin Friedrich (26), Manu Kone (20) can play instead of Chris Kramer (31). Average age: 24.7 years – the youngest starting eleven of the season!

OWN INITIATIVE: Peintinger doesn’t just pass on Hütter’s instructions on the line – he acts as he imagines. The assistant coach: “Adi did not report during the game.”

why? Peintinger is also a job saver on his own…


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