Borussia Mönchengladbach: Flatex boss renews the championship goal!

The online broker flatex has been decorating the Gladbach breast since this season. Borussia’s main sponsor pays an estimated 10 million euros a year. The interview with flatex boss Frank Niehage!

PICTURE: Mr. Niehage, how satisfied are you with the first half of the year on Borussia’s chest?

Niehage: “We are very happy to be able to work together so successfully as a partner with Borussia. Of course, we also lack the ability to go to the stadium and share the excitement with the fans on site, but we will make up for that all the more intensively in the future. After all, our partnership will run for at least three to four years, and maybe more. “

PICTURE: Has the sponsorship already affected the number of customers?

Niehage: “The aim of our sponsorship is to increase awareness of the flatex brand over the long term. The first positive tendencies can be seen, but of course we are only at the beginning of the partnership. We need brand awareness in order to be successful with our new app ‘flatex-next’. With it, we are finally giving everyone in Germany access to shares and sustainable asset accumulation. And in the medium term we want to grow to over 3 million customers across Europe. “

PICTURE: How important are Borussia’s strong performances in the Champions League?

Niehage: “Today we are active in 18 countries in Europe. In Germany and Austria mainly under flatex, in the other markets Degiro is our strong brand. That’s why Borussia also has Degiro on the chest in the Champions League. The great group stage of course noticeably boosted brand awareness, especially in countries that are important to us like Spain and Italy. It can go on like this. “

PICTURE: Are you disappointed that Gladbach is only 8th in the league? And do you fear that the European stage might be missing in the coming season?

Niehage: “A clear no to both questions. The team performance was really outstanding in many games. Sometimes the famous little bit of luck was simply missing – we had it on the last day of the Champions League. And the Bundesliga is sure to go up again soon. I am very confident that we will take some points from the next two games. “

PICTURE: At the presentation at the end of June you said that in the years of your partnership you would also like to become German champions – are you sticking to this goal?

Niehage: “Of course. As a professional – in sport as well as in business – you set yourself ambitious goals. Two years ago we were fifth at the end of the season. Fourth last year. In the Champions League we are in the round of 16 for the first time. We want to continue this trend together. “

PICTURE: How did you get the news that Mr. Eberl and Mr. Schippers have extended their contracts until 2026?

Niehage: “For me, both are symbolic of the professional and passionate work of Borussia, through which they have been able to establish themselves in the top half of the table over the last 10 years and are now causing a sensation again internationally. There are few clubs in all of Europe with such an excellent management team. I am very happy about the continuity. “

PICTURE: Are you afraid that Marcus Thuram’s spitting campaign could also damage your image as a breast sponsor?

Niehage: “When this was still possible in the summer, I got to know the players personally. I am convinced that he is a fine guy and that he regrets that stupid dropout most of all. The immediate reaction from Borussia was extremely convincing. Clearly shown with a record fine: We don’t have anything like that. At the same time, however, the young player has not been dropped. Greatness is shown in how you deal with mistakes. And Gladbach has once again proven this greatness. We stand behind the team, in good times and in bad. “


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