Borussia Mönchengladbach: Corona costs Gladbach 37 million euros!

After seven match days in the Bundesliga, half-time in the group stage of the Champions League and a game in the DFB Cup, Gladbach is in good shape. Financially, the Corona year 2020 is also a bottomless pit for Borussia – Finance chief Stephan Schippers (53) has now spoken plainly on the Gladbach homepage.

Schippers: “We are currently at a loss of around 37 million euros for the 2020 financial year. Everyone at Borussia is working hard to make this result as bearable as possible, but it should be clear to everyone that this is not an easy situation for us. “

Corona is already costing Gladbach 37 million euros!

And there will be more as long as no spectators are allowed into the stadium and the clubs have to continue holding ghost games!

Schippers hopes that this will change soon: “We should all do everything together to ensure that the federal government’s measures to contain the virus take effect as quickly and as sustainably as possible. That’s the top priority at the moment. If the measures can be relaxed, we will talk again about spectators in the football stadiums. We have shown that the hygiene and distance concepts work and we would be ready to switch back to playing with fans in the stadium immediately. “

Gladbach’s chief financial officer was also in Frankfurt on Wednesday at the round of 15 professional clubs that want to stick to the performance-based distribution of TV money!

Schippers explains Gladbach’s position in the debate: “The path taken by Borussia, but also by other clubs such as Eintracht Frankfurt, shows that it is possible to advance into the top third of the Bundesliga on your own. Through good business, a clever transfer policy and very good athletic performance. All of this has resulted in a bigger slice of the TV money pie than we did when we were in the lower half of the table. We find this system just and right. If we no longer reward good work because we distribute the TV money independently of the table, then from our point of view that is not the way forward. “

Closing words Schippers: “I see a great danger in not aligning the distribution of TV money with the sporting performance in the Bundesliga. Leveling up counteracts the performance principle and competition. “


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