Borussia Mönchengladbach: Big fan survey on Marco Rose

The mood among the fans after the Rose decision is boiling. In a lightning poll on Twitter (@BILD_MGladbach), almost half of the around 400 participants believe that Rose will be on leave before the end of the season. And only 13 percent that he continues to work successfully with the foals.

The BILD survey!

Fynn Friesendorff (14) from Friedrichstadt, member and VfL fan since birth: “If fans were allowed to be in the stadium, it would be over for Rose now – he has abused the trust of the fans. I like his kind of football. But Dortmund is a direct competitor, the cup game against BVB is our big chance for a title – he can’t clear his head. Rose now has to be on leave so that at least the team can play freely for themselves and us fans. He’s certainly also gambled away the team’s trust. “

Margret Lau (66), pensioner: “I’m very depressed, for me Marco’s betrayal of Borussia! He should be dismissed now – because in the cup against Dortmund he will certainly not have the best team. Heiko Vogel from the U23 can take over! “

Federal Cansever (48), bus driver: “That’s just the way business is, everyone knows that. Marco is a good coach, he should stay here until summer. Dortmund is not a good alternative for him, but I wish him every success at BVB! “

Tobias Berthold (34): “Any further cooperation endangers our goals if in the end we and BVB fight for last place in the Champions League. Not to mention the unrest in the team – Rose out! “

Ludwig Meyer (66), pensioner: “Incredibly a shame! But you can understand it – they will probably pay more in Dortmund. If you can improve in your job, who can’t? Marco Rose is a professional, he will lead our team into the Champions League and still wants to achieve something here. I am grateful to him and wish him every success imaginable! “

Achim Poos (51), master roofer: “At the beginning he told us that he wanted to build something here – that can’t be over now! Bad, what Rose recently did with his rotation against FC, he would not have allowed himself to do that with fans in the stadium. And now we also have his draw player Hannes Wolf on the cheek, a foreign body that he can take with him! So: Our board of directors will provide a good replacement – preferably immediately! ”

Sascha Paul Stratmann (44), music teacher and like Rose from Leipzig: “Of course I’m disappointed, but anyone who knows the laws of the football world also knows that the other clubs are not blind. Some possibilities may only be offered once. After all: Compared to BVB, we’ve been doing a top job here with Max Eberl for years! Rose is just a cool guy and suited our Borussia perfectly. But Eberl will find a suitable and motivated successor! “

Bianca Feldung (43), medical assistant: “We had been talking about it for a long time – but the way it is done is not right, I’m very angry about that. Rose wanted to build something here, now we were only used as a stepping stone. Eberl should definitely pull the rip cord now. If the stadium were full, the coach wouldn’t dare to sit on the bench in the cup against Dortmund either. “

David Drießen (20), student: “As a Gladbach fan, it’s disappointing, it sucks. But from a neutral point of view you can understand it, Dortmund is a logical career step, they have achieved the higher budget and more recently. You don’t have to dismiss him, now throw him out in an actionist way – I don’t believe in that. I have no grudge against Marco. “


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