Booster dose: at Porte de Versailles, the vaccinodrome is full

Deborah is reassured. After two weeks of incessant back and forth on Doctolib, the digital platform where medical appointments are made, the young woman has just performed her booster dose against Covid-19 at Porte de Versailles, in the 15e district of Paris. “I live next door, and I saw by chance that we could get vaccinated. The center should normally open at 2 p.m., but around 11:40 a.m., the firefighters told me they were ready, and agreed to take me without an appointment ”, she says.

“Since this morning, it hasn’t stopped. We have a lot of locals who are impatient to finally be able to have their third dose, and who come here because they know it will go quickly ”, confirms Florian Lointier, captain of the Paris fire brigade.

“On the whole, people agree to play the game”

Faced with the fifth wave of the epidemic and the threat of the new Omicron variant, the vaccinodrome at Porte de Versailles, in Paris, reopened its doors this Saturday, December 11. With 90 firefighters mobilized, “All trained in vaccination against Covid-19”, and a daily target of 2,000 doses administered, the gigantic building should once again be a key asset in the fight against Covid-19.

“Here, it is much more established than with the doctors. People have it for less than thirty minutes ”, explains Florian Lointier, before specifying that “80% of the public welcomed comes to achieve their booster dose”.

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As of January 15, all people aged 18 or over must have received this third dose, otherwise their health pass will be invalidated. A difficult decision to cash for Valérie, 36 years old. “We wonder if after that there won’t be a fourth dose, then a fifth. I believe that the vaccine is useful, yes, but it is true that I wonder when will everything be over ”, she wonders, in the long line in front of the vaccination tent.

“We have a lot of people who ask themselves this question, it’s true. But on the whole, people are willing to play the game ”, reassures Guillaume Burlaton, chief doctor of the center.

Reluctance to Moderna

This Saturday, another question often comes up: why should those over 30 be vaccinated with Moderna? “We have no choice if we want to vaccinate everyone, because we do not have enough stocks for the Pfizer vaccine”, responds Guillaume Burlaton. Nationwide, 20 million doses of Moderna are in fact available, compared to five million from Pfizer. An argument that does not convince Vincent, 42, about to turn around: “Even if it means having to be vaccinated a third time, I would have liked to have the choice of the product that is administered to me”.

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“We have the same problem with Moderna as with the AstraZeneca vaccine. One move was authorized, one move prohibited, which created mistrust among people ”, admits Guillaume Burlaton. The chief doctor wishes to reassure: “Pfizer or Moderna, the vaccines are similar. And if we want to end this epidemic, we have to do this third dose. “


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