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The book “In the bottom of the blue sky is forever” includes diaries, notes and unpublished letters of female poet Xuan Quynh.

The book was compiled by Luu Khanh Tho – Luu Quang Vu’s sister – and published by Kim Dong Publishing House to celebrate the 80th birthday of Xuan Quynh (October 6, 1942 – October 6, 2022). The work consists of 285 pages, divided into three parts: Diary, Notes and correspondence.

Diary recorded the process of Xuan Quynh being pregnant, giving birth and taking care of her first son, Tuan Anh. In early September 1965, the female singer knew she was pregnant. Having children makes Xuan Quynh’s life and work turn upside down. Her husband went to the army, she alone passed the pregnancy.

“Afternoon of April 29, 1966”

Here is my child. I gave birth to a real person, I had a baby. The child lay next to him, he wiggled. A strange creature and then I heard it cry. The cry was weak and pitiful. It didn’t scream and didn’t cry like the others, but it cried “Ẹ… heh…e…he”. It sounds so cute! The voice was like a muffled sound. Its fragile cry and its tiny body are all in me.”

The book “In the bottom of the blue sky is forever”. Image: Luu Quy

Xuan Quynh also faced many difficulties when working alone and taking care of her son during wartime. Tuan Anh often fusses and makes the female singer not get a full night’s sleep, “always tired”. She also recorded every moment in her son’s life: The first time she could ride a car, know how to crawl, crawl, laugh with her parents… The female singer also wrote poems for her children as a poem. My childhood, Happy Spring to celebrate another year of your life.

Part Records are the events and people that Xuan Quynh met during his trips to Vinh Linh, Quang Tri during the resistance war against the US in the years 1967-1973, written in two notebooks. It’s about Thang, 13 years old in Vinh Giang, pushing a boat to bring soldiers across the river. Lanh in Vinh Tan witnessed her lover die on the battlefield. The tunnel collapsed, 61 people died, couldn’t dig for three days. Six-year-old children walk from Vinh Linh to Nghe An to evacuate…

Xuan Quynh depicts the arduous but heroic years of the nation, and at the same time helps readers imagine the circumstances of the birth of many poems such as: The stories of the Central region and Con Co island, The time we walked in the ground…

“The American enemy bombed our village / Spring is not green, autumn is no longer yellow / In the middle of the day it’s cloudy with coordinates bombs / And at night the Dharma lights up all night…” (The time we walked in the groundNovember 12, 1969).

correspondence divided into three parts: Love dialogue Xuan Quynh – Luu Quang Vu, Written specifically for children, Family love. In it, part one are the sentimental lines Xuan Quynh and Luu Quang Vu sent to each other in the last years of their lives. The letters are arranged in chronological order, expressing love and harmony in both souls. In addition, the letter expresses concern for relatives, friends, colleagues and concerns and reflections on the creative activities of the two artists.

Husband and wife Luu Quang Vu - Xuan Quynh.  Provide family photos

Husband and wife Luu Quang Vu – Xuan Quynh. Image:Family provided

Write privately to your child are the letters of the female singer to her youngest son Luu Quynh Tho. At that time, every time she went on a business trip to the Soviet Union, she often used letters to tell interesting stories she had heard and witnessed in her friend country. That was her impression of taking the metro for the first time in Moscow, going through the Karakum desert, visiting churches and the king’s mausoleum in Samarkand or “I saw on television that the Soviet Union had a favorite thing: televízor. (Russian for radio bridge)”. Thereby, she conveyed her affection for her child. The female singer told her son: “The letters that my mother wrote to me, I keep them for my mother, because they are considered to be my mother’s notes. Later, I may need them again.”

Family love is a letter written by a female artist to Luu Quang Dinh – Luu Quang Vu’s younger brother – when the two met in Moscow in December 1987.

Book title In the bottom of the blue sky is forever taken from a verse in the poem There was such a time by Xuan Quynh. Luu Khanh Tho said it evokes valuable and permanent things, such as the works of female poets left for the country’s literature, loved by many generations of readers.

According to Ms. Khanh Tho, from the diary pages, specific notes, readers better understand the feelings, emotions and materials of life that have contributed to Xuan Quynh’s compositions. When compiling, she edited a number of spellings to conform to current spelling rules.

In the bottom of the blue sky is forever shows the image of a mother filled with motherly love, who loves her children with all her heart, a person rich in love and compassion, and a poet who does not care about difficulties and dangers entering the place of fire, taking life Experience from the heroic reality of the war for national salvation is the main source of inspiration in creative thinking,” said Ms. Tho.

Xuan Quynh and his son Luu Quynh Tho (baby Mi).  Provide family photos

Xuan Quynh and his son Luu Quynh Tho (baby Mi). Image: Family provided

Xuan Quynh was born in 1942, famous for her grandmotheri Boat and the sea, Waves, Love Poems at the end of autumn, Rooster at noon..., poetry book Flowers along the trenches, Lullabies on the ground, Afternoon station platform, May grass flowers, Sing yourself... The female artist was posthumously awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize in 2017.

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