Book about Joachim Ziesche published – “I admire the polar bear fans”

He is THE ice hockey legend in eastern Germany – Joachim Ziesche (82) from Berlin. The memoirs of the 197-time national player, former GDR selection coach and member of the Toronto Hall of Fame have now been published by Verlag Druck und Mehr Greschow on 309 pages for 29.99 euros. Title: “Between Hoffen und Bangen.”

The former goalscorer, who lives in Hohenschönhausen, writes about it

his first steps on the ice: “We lived near the Werner Seelenbinder-Halle and I saw a poster announcing an ice hockey game. I went there. So the spark jumped over. “

Games in China: “At minus 20 degrees we played in a stadium.”

getting to know his wife Reni: “She was a stewardess at Interflug and I met her on a charter flight for the GDR national team to Oslo in 1961

Joachim Ziesche has an honor card for the Eisbären Berlin and is often an attentive observer at the home games of the BerlinersPhoto: picture-alliance / ZB

the fight to keep two professional teams in Berlin and Weißwasser from 1979 to 1989: “For twenty years we swam against the current of the GDR sports bosses and persevered.”

the short engagement as polar bear head coach 1994/95: “At that time, the sporting and economic basis in the club was not right.”

his acceptance into the “Hall of Fame” of the world ice hockey in Toropnto on the initiative of the Russian Federation in 1999: “From that I saw that the world association and its then President René Fasel honored my life’s work and show me respect.”

the polar bear fans: “I admire you for your creativity in the chants and I am glad that you have not forgotten the history of the club.”


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