Blue Origin rocket passenger Glen de Vries kills in plane crash

The 49-year-old entrepreneur briefly flew into space in October with three other passengers aboard Jeff Bezos’ rocket.

One of four passengers on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket, who made a brief trip to space in October, was killed in a small passenger plane crash near New York on Thursday, New Jersey police said on Friday.

Glen de Vries, a 49-year-old New York entrepreneur, died alongside another American, Thomas P. Fisher, in the “Crash of their small plane” Thursday afternoon in Sussex County, New Jersey. A New Jersey police spokesperson said the investigation was left to the US Federal Civil Aviation Regulator (FAA).

Brief trip to space

Born in 1972, Glen de Vries was the co-founder of Medidata Solutions, a company specializing in clinical trial monitoring software for the pharmaceutical industry, acquired in 2019 by Dassault Systèmes. Along with three other passengers, including William Shatner, 90, a Canadian actor who played Star Trek Captain Kirk, aviation enthusiast Glen de Vries briefly flew into space on October 13 aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket owned by American billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The company Blue Origin said on Twitter “Devastated by the sudden death of Glen de Vries (who) brought so much energy and life to the entire Blue Origin team and his teammates”.


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