Bitcoin News: Bitcoin continues to underperform, Dogecoin up 15 percent

Cryptocurrencies continue to fall for the past one month. On Wednesday, investors continued to withdraw their money from it. However, some progress has been seen in Mim Talken. On Wednesday, Dogecoin became the sixth largest digital coin with its value rising 15 percent. On the other hand, Bitcoin and Ethereum continued to fall on Wednesday as well.  The world’s largest crypto currency BitCoin has a price of $36,571 on Wednesday.

Long-term investors are buying cheaper coins
Cryptocurrency market has been volatile for the past few days but analysts are predicting that the cryptocurrency market will heat up once in the coming times . Long-term investors continue to buy leading tokens or short-money cryptocurrencies, but traders are busy booking their profits. 

Google and Apple to accept Coinbase Global cards
Coinbase Global has tied up with Apple and Google, under which users will be given the facility to add cards to their accounts so that they both You will be able to buy companies’ apps with this card. Coinbase Globus allows its users to add digital currency to the wallet, so that the user can buy any item. The company says that our cryptocurrency will be automatically converted into dollars. In the cryptocurrency market in their country, the big banks take an opposite view of it. However, the Reserve Bank has made it clear that any payment service cannot be stopped on the basis of any earlier regulatory restrictions. 

Cryptocurrency prices on Wednesday 
Bitcoin: $36,571.43, down 0.22%
Ethereum: $2,629.98, down 0.15%
Tether: $1.00, down 0.04%
Cardano: $1.76, up 3.41%
Binance Coin: $359.49, up 4.32%
Dojicoin: $0.3773, up 15.37%
XRP: $1.01, down 2.11%
USD Coin: $1, down 0.02%
Polkadot: $23.71, up 5.36%
Uniswap: $27.13, down 1.12%

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