Bioethics law, opponents keep up the pressure

When will the bioethics bill be placed on the Senate’s agenda? According to information confirmed at the cross by several sources, in the Senate and in Matignon, the text will not be examined, at second reading, before the first quarter of 2021.

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In recent weeks, opponents of the law, including La Manif pour tous, have nevertheless claimed to fear an examination of the text in a special committee from October 12. Or less than a week after the start of the new parliamentary session, the schedule of which will be presented this Wednesday, October 7.

Fear of a rushed review

At the roots of this fear among opponents of the text, the desire, repeatedly expressed by the presidential majority, “to go quickly” to have the new bioethics law adopted and in particular its flagship measure, the extension of the assisted reproduction to couples. women and single women. However, if, in principle, the Senate keeps control of its agenda, the government can always impose texts that it considers priority.

In July, the government had made this choice of speed in the Assembly, by scheduling the examination of the text by the deputies at the end of an extraordinary summer session. This will not likely be the option chosen by the upper assembly.

“It is not on the agenda, there are other texts to be examined beforehand, such as the PLF (Finance bill) or the Social security financing bill”, assures a source in Matignon. “It would be infeasible, the program is already loaded”, we confirm in the entourage of Bruno Retailleau, president of the group The Republicans in the Senate, majority in the Hemicycle. ” No date is in the air », According to Muriel Jourda, co-rapporteur of the bill.

Mobilization against fatalism

Even if a few months are “won”, there is no question, for the collective Marchons enfants, of releasing the pressure. He still calls for a demonstration on October 10. Covid-19 and barrier gestures oblige, instead of a large centralized procession in Paris, as in October 2019, the demonstration will be split into 58 gatherings, across France in Toulouse, Toulon, Strasbourg, Nantes, Versailles …

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“As long as the law is not passed, we can always act, believes Ludovine de La Rochère, who finds in many opponents of the law, but not necessarily activists, a form of “fatalism”. ” The bill seems inescapable to them, they say to themselves what good is it. However, she continues, only a minority of people consider that the bioethics law is a priority, given the health context. “

According to an Ifop poll published by the Manif pour tous, 64% of people questioned would be in favor of postponing the bill, “To allow the government to focus on managing the crisis”.


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