Bioethics law: deputies restore the openness of assisted reproduction to all women

The majority deputies had announced it. They did it. On Wednesday, June 2, the special committee responsible for examining the bioethics bill reintroduced one of the key measures of the text: the extension of medically assisted procreation to single women and homosexual couples and its support by social Security.

Article 1, carrying this relaxation in access to assisted reproduction, had been deleted by senators during their second reading of the text in February.

Questions and oppositions

Although won in advance, the vote at third reading was not without debate. With, at the heart of the questions, a question raised on several occasions by deputies, Republicans or not: what is the psychological future of children born in homoparental couples or raised by choice in single-parent families?

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For the deputy Jean-Louis Touraine, rapporteur for article 1, “Rigorous studies” emphasize that these children are doing well, are fulfilled because they are very desired. “The best interests of the child are our priority”, he hammered several times.

A vision strongly contested by the opposing front, qualifying the studies mentioned as biased and militant. “Read studies on studies”, retorted LR deputies, also recalling that the Academy of Medicine had ruled, in 2019, that “The deliberate conception of a child deprived of a father” was not “Risk-free”.

By wanting to reduce “Discrimination between adults, you will create discrimination and inequalities between children ”, between those who will have a father and the others, warned Julien Ravier (LR).

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The majority nevertheless remained inflexible, rejecting all the sub-amendments tabled by its political opponents in an attempt to rewrite the text, bringing it back as it had been adopted by the National Assembly at second reading.

Oocyte self-preservation without any medical reason for women has, for example, also been reinstated by the deputies during this third reading, when the senators had rejected it a few months earlier. “We can see that, within the framework of the parliamentary shuttle, we are not in a logic of improvement of the text but of confrontation”, regretted Xavier Breton (LR).

The deputies Guillaume Chiche (not registered) and Raphaël Gérard (LREM), for their part, tried to add new measures (including the authorization of the assisted reproduction for transgender men who have kept their reproductive system), without however succeeding in achieving them. impose, despite the support of rapporteur Jean-Louis Touraine.

“The extension of the PMA does not sum up the bill, but it is the heart of it”, welcomed the latter, after the adoption of Article 1. Discussions are continuing. Among the other important measures and articles to come, those relating to the question of parentage (article 4), or the supervision of research on the embryo.


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