Big hit from the coalition agreement: Berlin wants to allow pyrotechnics in football stadiums

Berlin – On New Year’s Eve, the Senate wants to impose firefighting bans again in certain areas of the city. In stadiums, on the other hand, pyrotechnics should be allowed for football matches for at least one year. A real blast!

Bengalos in the standing blocks, flashes of lights and billows of smoke rising up – everything is officially prohibited in Germany’s stadiums! The clubs even threaten heavy fines if they don’t have their fans under control.

“We enable the implementation of a one-year pilot project for the safe use of pyrotechnics or cold pyrotechnics at soccer games.” This is what the Red-Green-Red coalition agreement, hot off the press, says.

Pyrotechnics at the Berlin derby between Union and Hertha in November 2019 in the guest block

Photo: Britta Pedersen / dpa

“It is a demand from the fan scene,” says interior expert Niklas Schrader (40, left). “It is an attempt to channel the burning down more safely – legally with safe intervals. Because searches and controls cannot keep pyrotechnics out of the stadiums. ”In the end, ways are always found, emphasizes Schrader.

“An attempt doesn’t do any harm,” says Benedikt Lux (39, Greens). And sports expert Robert Schaddach (55, SPD): “I think it’s good when things run smoothly.”

So far, the DFB has prevented pyrotechnics. The ban on Bengalos is in the stadium rules.

Teaser picture

Union fans ignite pyrotechnics in the Conference League at the home game in the Olympic Stadium

Photo: Andreas Gora / dpa

Different soccer nations, different customs

In the first Austrian league, four pyro actions are allowed per game – and after every goal.

In Denmark, too, there are fan curves that are brightly lit with torches. The highlight: The torches do not get so hot at “only” 200 degrees (“cold pyrotechnics”). You can run your hand through the flame without blisters.

How should pyrotechnics be burned down safely in Berlin stadiums? The MP Schrader: “The concept must be worked out with security people.”

Speaking of security. Red-Green-Red also wants to check whether professional clubs generally have to contribute to the security costs. At the last city derby Union-Hertha, for example, there were 992 police officers from Berlin alone, and at the last Hertha game against Augsburg only 104 officers.


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