Big buck on “small FC”: Prussia wants to expand series to zero …

At least the first half of the 0-1 first leg was Münster’s worst in the regional league season so far. Enough incentive to play a better home game against Cologne’s U23s on Saturday (2 p.m. / Hammer Straße). Also assures captain Julian Schauerte (32): “We have big plans …”

Big buck on “small FC”. Prussia wants to expand the series to zero!

Schauer still has the October appearance in the Rhineland clearly in mind. Not only because it was the first defeat for the team of head coach Sascha Hildmann (48) in the sixth game. But because at the time he himself failed to shoot his Prussians into the lead early on. After only 120 seconds he chased a penalty (after a foul on Osman Atilgan) high over the FC housing into the safety fence.

Checked off! Schauerte has long been looking confidently to the future: “Since then we have developed further and our tactics have changed a bit. Go into attack pressing earlier, are more grippy and uncompromising in midfield. This time we won’t let the people of Cologne take the book out of our hands. “

He is even convinced that he will be able to further expand the series of the last three clear-cut games (2-0 against Rödinghausen, 1-0 each in Bergisch Gladbach and Homberg) – thus still unbeaten in the league in 2021. Although the unexpected snow break abruptly interrupted the positive run of the Prussians. The defense veteran: “We trained well and intensively, and delivered a decent test in Duisburg (1: 2 / d. Ed.). We are now prepared for FC. “

He is currently in 7th place in the table, with five points less than the Prussians (4th). Shuddered for sure: “We could do even better, but unfortunately we neglected too many points in the series.” As just against the “little Cologne” ..

Julian Schauerte (left) was on the pitch in all 23 games this season, not missing a single league minute. Scored 3 goals and gave an assistPhoto: photo booth

With 14 and 11 points behind the leadership duo Dortmund II and Rot-Weiss Essen, the direct return to the 3rd division has probably become rather utopian. Or? Schauer, who was on the pitch in all 23 fourth division games and has not yet missed a minute: “Nothing is impossible in football. Maybe these teams will also get a hangover in the second half of the season. But I don’t actually look that far ahead, I just concentrate on the next game. I’m really up for Cologne. “

What if there is another penalty? Shivered with a grin: “I’m glad that he is being transformed by a team colleague. I am no longer at the top of the ranking and I like to let others go first. In the end it is only important that the ball wriggles in the goal net. “

And not in the safety fence again …


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