Betting insider: The three Turkey tips from a betting professional

Episode 28 of the successful sports betting podcast is online!

The “betting insider”, the podcast about sports betting from BILD. BILD reporters Filip Thiel, Dennis Schlueter and Daniel Schneider are discussing the Bundesliga weekend withquotewilly Jan Maack (34)!

In his contribution, betting professional Joachim Marnitz comes up with three tips on the Turkish league – playing the underdog three times against the top 3 teams. The betting insider also warns of fraudsters on the Internet – and numerous questions from the Facebook group are answered.

Click here and listen!

Some highlights of the episode

– What kind of games in the first, second and fourth leagues do the betting insiders bet on

– What three outsider tips from Turkey there are

– Answering interesting questions from the betting insider community

Photo: BILD


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