Bengals create NFL sensation: Bubi-Kicker knocks out the Titans

What an NFL crime thriller!

The Cincinnati Bengals sensationally knock out the AFC No. 1 Tennessee Titans!

The Great Hero: Bubi-KickerEvan McPherson (22), who scores four seconds before the end to make it 19:16. The Bengals have never won an away playoff in their NFL history.

The Titans were off last weekend as the AFC No. 1, so they had an extra week to rest. The Bengals knocked out the Raiders in the wild card round and claimed their first playoff win in 31 years.

The first six points go to the Bengals account. Twice by field goal by Evan McPherson.

The big question from Titans point of view: How is Derrick Henry doing in the first game back from injury? “King Henry”, who was on MVP course up until then, had injured himself on Halloween and now plays with a metal plate and five screws in his foot.

And now the running back is back with a touchdown! The king is back – and how!

Kick class: Rookie McPherson hits another one — from 54 yards! The Bengals lead again.

First touchdown for the Bengals! Joe Mixon shoots into the end zone.

Crazy thing: Long pass from Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill. AJ Brown catches the egg between two defenders. WITH ONE HAND! touchdown!

So what is that? 20 seconds before the end, Tannehill throws the ball — into the opponent’s arms! What a mistake!

INSANITY: The Bengals have the ball, coming within two runs within field goal range. 22-year-old McPherson competes. Four seconds before the end! 52 yards! He runs, kicks — in! Insanity! The Bengals are on!

Burrow after the game: “I knew we had a chance when we had the ball just before the end. Our young kicker is amazing!”


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