Before the super derby in Lautern: Saarbrücken captain Zeitz breaks off training

No hotel accommodation, no frills: On Easter Sunday (2 p.m.) 1. FC Saarbrücken travels directly to the Hammerspiel in Kaiserslautern.

Coach Uwe Koschinat (50) makes it clear: “We don’t just want to play for our honor there because everything else doesn’t matter anymore. But on the contrary.”

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Although the Saarlanders lost six points due to Türkgücü’s withdrawal, Koschinat does not want to say goodbye to the promotion race just yet.

Koschinat: “We are no longer such a hot contender for the first three places. But if we can repeat the point average from the first half of the season, we’re a candidate for third place.”

But Saarbrücken is worried about captain Manuel Zeitz (31). Coach Koschinat: “We have to see if we can get the inflamed groin area under control. Zeitz stopped the training session, but I assume that he doesn’t want to miss out on leading the way in this derby.”

But Koschinat doesn’t want to risk anything: “We have to make sure that we don’t put a player on the injured status for a long time because we once overdid it.”

Defense chief Steven Zellner (31) had to watch the home game against Lautern injured. Now he wants to fight: “There is a remaining chance to stay on top. Losing to Lautern at home hurt a bit.”

Coach Koschinat knows what the huge crowd of almost 47,000 spectators can do to his players, demands: “We have to find a very good start to this game because the general conditions are special. You have to break free from this atmosphere very quickly and concentrate on what you have to do on the pitch. It is important that you are not too impressed.”

But what the FCS coach wants to see: “We have to develop more gallantry around the penalty area in order to actually turn goal opportunities into precise shots.”


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