Before France game at the EM: Jogi Löw believes in his striker stars

Sleep one more time, then we can finally start!

On Tuesday (9 p.m.) Germany will start the European championship with the great game against world champion France.

Before that, national coach Jogi Löw (61) and captain Manuel Neuer (35) spoke at the last press conference before the kick-off.

No question about it: Above all, the French offensive with the superstars Antoine Griezmann (30) and Kylian Mbappé (22) is causing a headache for many German fans.

But when asked by BILD, the national coach made it clear: Our German team also has weapons by storm!

Löw: “We also have a lot of quality in the team. I think we have a very good mix. Leroy Sané, Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Thomas Müller or Serge Gnabry can decide games in their own way. You have to be wide awake every second, on both sides. “

Jogi Löw about …

…the anticipation: “We are happy that we are going to play against the reigning world champion. That is also something special. And I’m happy that spectators are allowed in after many months of empty stadiums. “

… the status of the team: “I think we have prepared very well over the past two weeks. We had very good conditions in Seefeld and Herzogenaurach. There is a very good atmosphere in the team, but there is also a lot of ambition. “

… the personnel situation and the ailing Leon Goretzka: “Except for Jonas Hofmann, all the players have been training for the last few days, including Leon. Leon has now completed four or five units, overall he made a very good impression, there is no trace of the injury at all. After the final training we discuss whether he can be there. Of course it is clear that he will not be in the starting XI, but the break was very long. “

… the goalkeeper question behind Neuer: “Tomorrow Bernd Leno will be number 2 behind Manuel Neuer. We will redefine this from game to game. “

Serge Gnabry in training against his Bayern colleague Leon GoretzkaPhoto: Getty Images

… his emotional world: “Basically, before a tournament, you always feel a positive tension, a tense anticipation. This morning I thought ‘Finally we can start, we can finally intervene’. Inside I am very calm and serene. I don’t worry that these are my last games either. I’m too busy with work for that. “

… the keys against France: “Tomorrow it will be important that we are full of ambition to take on such top players and win them, I have the feeling. The mood and team spirit are very, very good, everyone is very, very hungry for success at this European Championship. That lets me sleep peacefully. “

… preparation for the game: “There is another session in the evening, what awaits us and our game. Tomorrow in the consultation it will be more about emotional things, that has to do with courage and self-confidence. The last session is more about letting go of certain tensions and knowing that we have a very high quality as a team. I do it from my gut. “

Manuel Neuer on …

…the preparation: “I draw a very positive conclusion, the mood in the team is very good. We have been able to work out a lot over the course of weeks, setting goals in the tactical area, in the way we want to play. We want to start with a positive result. “

… the role of favorites: “We have respect, but it’s not that we see ourselves as an underdog. We are looking forward to a hopefully successful European Championship. “

… the defensive quality of the French: “I play together with Hernandez, Pavard and Tolisso, players who always go full throttle, give it their all. That is what awaits us, especially in the air they are very strong. But I don’t think they can defend everything either. “

… the returnees Mats Hummels and Thomas Müller: “These are players who have always been leading players. You are immediately a certain mouthpiece for the team. “

… the relationship with the fans: “We know that we owe the fans a little something after the last tournament. We’re going to try to get the fans involved with the way we play. We all need support. “

At the opening game of the 2006 World Cup in Munich, Schweinsteiger (left) and Frings (right) cheered Philipp Lahm's first tournament goal against Costa Rica.  In the end, Germany won 4-2

At the opening game of the 2006 World Cup in Munich, Schweinsteiger (left) and Frings (right) cheered Philipp Lahm’s first tournament goal against Costa Rica. In the end, Germany won 4-2Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa

… Munich as a venue: “It is pure pleasure for us that there are spectators again. We need this atmosphere in the stadiums. It’s a home game for me, of course, so I’m happy. We are happy that we have a game in Munich like we did in 2006. “

… his encounters with Bayern with France’s superstar Kylian Mbappé: “We were eliminated from them in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, before that we won the final. You can’t say what’s more present in your head. We know about the strengths of Mbappé, but also of the other French. We as a team have made it our mission to defend everything with passion. “


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