Be careful if you get calls or messages for KYC verification, you can be a victim of fraud, these 7 tips will work

In the era of online banking, fraudsters are also adopting different types of weapons. One of these methods is also through KYC verification. KYC i.e. Know Your Customer Verification is an important process through which banks decide whether a customer is Genuine or not.

Always keep in mind that KYC verification does not happen through phone call, SMS or email. If you get a call or message that talks about your KYC verification through these three methods, then understand that this is an attempt to cheat.

State Bank of India has asked its customers to be alert for such frauds. The bank has also said that if there is an attempt of banking fraud with you, report it at

SBI has also given some tips to its planners to avoid this fraudster-

  • Do not share OTP with anyone.
  • Completely ignore remote access applications.
  • Do not give the copy of Aadhaar card to strangers.
  • Keep your latest contact details updated with your bank account.
  • Internet banking password should be changed from time to time.
  • Do not share mobile and confidential data with anyone.
  • Please think once before clicking on any link.

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