Bayer Leverkusen: training canceled: new concerns about Karim Bellarabi

11:35 a.m. Tuesday training session in Leverkusen: Karim Bellarabi (31) grabs his left rear thigh. Then coach Gerardo Seoane (43) takes him in his arms and asks: “Can you continue?” The player replies: “No, I can’t.”

Disappointed, Bellarabi throws away his red rain jacket and leaves the field without a word, accompanied by team doctor Dr. Philip Ehrenstein (41). Barely in the dressing room, the winger jets off to an MRI scan after dropping out of training.

“Annoying. It looks like a muscular problem, from the outside I can’t judge what kind of injury it is,” said coach Seoane after the session.

Coach Gerardo Seoane (left) takes care of Karim Bellarabi. Right: Team doctor Dr. Philip EhrensteinPhoto: Andreas Pohl

New worries at Bayer about Bellarabi!

The fan favourite, who has a lengthy medical record of muscle injuries, has been in strong form since the start of the second half. Now there is a risk of another compulsory break, not only on Friday (8.30 p.m. / Sky) at FSV Mainz 05.

But in the 4-2 win against Stuttgart on the last day of the game, Bellarabi was only on the bench due to muscular problems, albeit elsewhere.

Seoane explains: “He was actually released. But my gut feeling told me that I would rather leave him outside. He would only have come in in an emergency when two wingers were struggling. I had a player on the wings in Paulinho, so I knew that I would then use Paulinho instead of Karim. The problems arose last Thursday, normally Karim would have started against Stuttgart.”

Disappointed look: Karim Bellarabi (right) has to stop training

Disappointed look: Karim Bellarabi (right) has to stop trainingPhoto: Andreas Pohl

Again and again it hits Karim Bellarabi!

“It’s hard to say why there have been two issues in such a short space of time. He is a highly explosive sprinter – injuries often build up over loads or incorrect loads. Injuries rarely come easily. There are players who have a muscle injury every year. Often the reason for an injury is an old injury. You can’t delete that anymore,” says Seoane.

In the current season, Bellarabi has already missed a total of eight competitive games due to two muscle injuries. Now the ex-national player has to sit out again – the question is: how long?


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