Bavarian Order of Merit from Söder: Captain Neuer now has a shipping license!

Now the Bayern captain has a free ticket for the boats on the Tegernsee!

As one of the first non-Bavarian footballers, Manuel Neuer was awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit by Markus Söder (54) on Wednesday, after the Bayern and DFB captain had already received the order of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2019.

The Prime Minister praised Neuer’s sporting and social deeds: “You honor us Bavaria with your commitment.”

And he highlighted a peculiarity of the order. Söder: “You can use the Tegernsee shipping for free and enter the state museums.”

Neuer (lives on Tegernsee) grinning: “I’ve seen the ships many times, but I’ve never used them. But I don’t think I’ll make use of the medal when I go on a boat trip … “

New very proud with the Bavarian medalPhoto: babiradpicture – abp

Does he really feel like a Bavarian now? New happy to BILD: “I haven’t forgotten my roots as a Westphalian, but I also feel like a Bavarian, and I have my second home here.”

And he still has a very big sporting goal: “To become world champion again is something that is still on my to-do list!”

Neuer only looked a little puzzled once: when Söder said, looking ahead to the election, the Union had to be “like Manchester United”. The English won in 1999 at the last second – but against Bayern …


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