Basketball: no corona cancellation! Hamburg Towers had to play

The corona bang in basketball. After several Alba Berlin players tested positive for the virus yesterday (see below), suddenly the towers were also hanging very low. Because: You lost to the champions on Sunday in Inselpark (80:88)!

That is why yesterday’s catch-up game against Bamberg was about to be canceled. Only at 4.30 p.m. did the league decide: it’s going to be played!

“My personal opinion is that it wasn’t necessary,” said Towers boss Marvin Willoughby. “We could have postponed that without any problems. One could at least have protected our opponent in this way. “

Dangerous game with the towers!

The Hamburg team had their entire team PCR tested on Tuesday and Wednesday. All results were negative. And as long as a team can muster eight healthy players, it has to be played …

“I think it’s important that we stick to the rules,” emphasized Willoughby. “We gave it to ourselves as a league at some point. But the situation is different than at the beginning of the season. “

That is why there is now an extraordinary BBL meeting on Friday to adjust the rules.

Until then, worry plays a role …

And the towers received a 75:87 (34:44) against the nine-time ex-champion in their last appearance in front of fans (1810).

“But I don’t think circumstances have influenced us,” said coach Pedro Calles. The failure of Jaylon Brown (hip) weighed heavier. Maik Kotsar (foot) was also injured. Then Justus Hollatz twisted angrily.

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But the sport was unimportant that evening. Willoughby: “It’s about the health of the players and I hope that no more people have lost than necessary.”


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