Baseball: Atlanta Braves win World Series against Houston Astros

26 long years …

The Atlanta Braves win the World Series for the fourth time in their history and are the new baseball champions.

The last title was won by the Braves in 1995. They went into the series against the Houston Astros as outsiders – to now triumph sensationally.

At 10:33 p.m. local time on Tuesday evening, the time had come in Houston. Atlanta won game 6 7-0 and the best-of-seven series won 4-2.

Atlanta professional Dansby Swanson (27): “There are no words how much this means to this city.”

Dansby Swanson had a good laugh, was wearing ski goggles. It protects against the splashed champagnePhoto: Carmen Mandato / AFP

Freddie Freeman (32), with the Braves for twelve years and the face of the team: “I have no words. That’s it. That’s all you worked for. We are world champions. That sounds really great. We had injuries this year, took every pothole we could, and now we’re world champions. That is outstanding. “

The fans who stayed in Atlanta celebrated anyway

The fans who stayed in Atlanta celebrated anywayPhoto: Megan Varner / AFP

Atlanta actually wanted to celebrate in front of its own fans. And that’s what it looked like in game 5 on Sunday. But after a 4-0 lead in the first inning, the result was a bitter 5: 9. The series went back to Houston and most of the Braves fans had to watch Game 6 from afar.

Braves star Jorge Soler (29) received the award for most valuable player in the final series. He brought Atlanta to winning ways in game six with a home run in the third inning. When the Braves scored three more points in the fifth inning, the game was decided and the debacle was perfect for the Astros.

This female fan is also overjoyed that Atlanta was finally able to triumph again

This female fan is also overjoyed that Atlanta was finally able to triumph againPhoto: Megan Varner / AFP

Strictly speaking, it is only the second championship for the ATLANTA Braves. The team was based in Milwaukee for the 1957 title, and in Boston in 1914. But the team has been playing in Atlanta since 1966 – and there was a real celebration there …


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