Barrier gestures: corporate controls will intensify

Faced with the fifth wave of the epidemic, the government wants to encourage compliance with the health protocol to avoid more restrictive measures.

In recent weeks, there has been a certain relaxation in the application of the health protocol in companies. Everyone thought the epidemic was behind us but it is not“. It is with these words that the Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne, began her visit on Monday at the headquarters of L’Oréal in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine). If some of our European neighbors have just imposed the strengthening of teleworking, this measure is not on the agenda in France … but it is not to be excluded either if the fifth epidemic wave were to degenerate. This is why, recalled the Minister, “we have a challenge for everyone to mobilize to respect barrier gestures [masques, distanciation sociale, etc.], which will avoid more severe restrictions“. The first consequence of a return to increased vigilance, the controls of the labor inspectorate on compliance with the health protocol in companies will intensify, warned Élisabeth Borne.

At L’Oréal, that morning, the inspectors would have found nothing to complain about! For the Minister, the company “applies the protocol rigorously“. Elegantly arranged on a display, masks are available at reception, as well as the “homemade” hydroalcoholic gel. Many tubes of solution are also enthroned on the cafeteria tables, around which the employees keep the mask, only sliding it to drink their coffee. “An attitude applied daily and which is not due to your visit!», Added Jean-Claude Legrand, the group’s general manager of human resources, of which 56% to 60% of the 2,000 employees who work in Clichy are currently on site.

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10 days of isolation

The company agreement, signed in October 2020, provides for two days of teleworking per week. The types of meetings to be held face-to-face were determined by the managers, trained in teleworking. In addition, regular checks are carried out upon arrival of employees to ensure that the teleworked days are respected. In the event of contamination of an employee, he remains in isolation for ten days, as provided for in the national protocol, and colleagues identified in contact cases must be tested and isolate themselves until the result of their test.

Last week, 16 confirmed cases were placed in isolation and 49 identified contact cases were placed in telecommuting. “We are uncompromising on barrier gestures and we continue to keep the guard high”, assured Nicolas Hieronimus, the general manager of the group.


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