Bao Thy takes care of her skin at the age of 30

Singer Bao Thy said she used sunscreen, drank a lot of water and slept early to have beautiful skin at the age of 33.

For four months at home to avoid the epidemic, Bao Thy left her bare face completely to let her skin rest. She nourishes twice a day, morning and night, with Korean-made products to create a natural, glossy skin effect.

According to her, the step of sunscreen and makeup removal is the most important. Even at home, Bao Thy still uses sunscreen until 5 p.m. to prevent aging agents such as UV rays, blue light from laptops, phones, etc. After that, she removes makeup and uses face wash. Even without makeup, this step deeply cleanses the skin, prevents acne and also helps the next care steps to be more effective.

Bao Thy real name Tran Thi Thuy Loan, born in 1988 in Ho Chi Minh City, is one of the successful names with teen pop music in the 2000s. In addition to singing, Bao Thy plays films and MCs. The singer married in November 2019 with her first love. Photo: Characters provided

She also practices good habits such as drinking at least two to three liters of water a day, sleeping before 11 p.m., limiting spicy and salty foods… Instead of turning on the air conditioner all day like before, she opens the window more. . Occasionally, she takes collagen supplements. In addition, the female singer keeps the spirit always happy and comfortable to avoid hormonal imbalance, which often leads to acne.

Bao Thy said her skin is sensitive and difficult to take care of. “Just being strange in the water, climate or carelessly letting dirt and pollen stick to my pillow, I can also get acne. This situation only changed when I learned and followed the advice of dermatologists. “, she said. Singers do not use masks to moisturize the skin for fear of irritation. If she has to wear makeup, she also chooses the thinnest, lightest foundation and removes makeup as soon as possible.

According to her, each skin type needs a different care cycle. Therefore, she advises the audience to take the time to learn and choose products that are safe and suitable for them. “My skin care method is inexpensive but effective because I combine both the inside and the outside. Skin care is also how women love themselves and bring a more positive mood during epidemic days”, Bao said. Thy said.

Bao Thy sings 'House of roses'

Bao Thy sang “House of roses” in the program “First song”, September 2020. Video: Vie Network

Follow Byrdie, basic skin care steps according to Korean standards include: cleansing – toner – essence – serum – cream. Cleansing usually starts with cleansing oils and cleansers. Toner is a necessary step to soothe the skin, help soften and increase the absorption of nutrients. Essence and serum are two important elements in the “honey” skin care cycle, not only providing moisture but also supplementing nutrients such as vitamins, anti-aging agents… Step cream completes the cycle.

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