Bao Quoc and his wife go to the event together

Ho Chi Minh CityComedian Bao Quoc was praised for his performance at the age of 73 when he and his wife attended the movie premiere of Gia Bao’s grandson.

Bao Quoc said that he and his wife returned home from the US for more than a month, but limited going to events because his health was not stable after liver surgery many years ago. On the evening of May 21, the artist attended the screening of the sitcom Alley 3D directed and produced by Gia Bao because he wanted to support his grandson. Seeing Bao Quoc, artist Bao Tri, singer Long Nhat … hug their seniors after two years of not seeing each other because of the epidemic. “Still handsome, so good to listen to Mr. Sau”, Bao Tri said.

Artist Bao Quoc with his wife – Mrs. Thu Thuy – at the event on the evening of May 21. Image: Mai Nhat

When he returned to this country, Bao Quoc spent most of his time meeting friends from the Thanh Minh Thanh Nga delegation in the 1970s and 1980s. In the near future, he will join the program Ancient Moon Music of Ho Chi Minh City Television Station, together with colleagues reviewed the stage for a while. He said: “My voice is not strong, but I still love to sing and am happy to hear that the song is still very sweet.”

In recent years, when performing overseas, the artist mainly plays plays and comedies. Occasionally, on weekends, he guest-starred in a number of programs of young artists. He is also more picky about scripts, choosing only prestigious shows and skits with depth of content. During the performance, from time to time he interjected a few sentences into his neck to help him remember cai luong. “When I was young, I devoted all my heart to the stage, one day sometimes ran more than a dozen shows. After coming to the US, I decided to rest, enjoy old age, perform just for fun, no longer important remuneration. “, he said.

At the age of 73, Bao Quoc is content to live happily with his wife and children in the US. Every day, he abstain from starch and sweeteners to restore his health after the surgery to remove the liver tumor in 2016. He gets up early to exercise, walks with his wife to stay healthy, then has breakfast. , read the newspaper, watch TV, then have lunch. In the afternoon, he took his wife to the market to buy flowers because she liked gardening and went shopping. Bao Quoc’s wife always knows how to connect family members with short trips. Every holiday, someone’s birthday, grandparents and grandchildren drive away, camp together.

He said: “My husband and I have known each other since I was 18, my wife was 16. Living together for more than 50 years, we still have each other wherever we go. I believe that husband and wife live together with all their hearts, love will forever sustainable”. Bao Quoc intends to stay in the country for three months, then return to the US for a periodical check-up.

Bao Quoc congratulates grandson Gia Bao on his 20th anniversary.  Photo: Thinh Do

Bao Quoc congratulates grandson Gia Bao on his 20th anniversary. Image: Thinh Do

Artist Bao Quoc was born in 1949, from Tay Ninh. He is the sixth child in a family of 10 children. His father was Lu Hoa Nghia, stage name Nam Nghia – a famous reformist artist in the South at that time. His mother is Nguyen Thi Tho – ie “elect Tho” – the owner of the Thanh Minh Cai Luong troupe – one of the five most famous singing groups in Saigon from the 1950s to 1972.

Bao Quoc has many famous roles like Chuong Hou in Me Linh Drums, Bui Kiem’s Kieu Nguyet Nga, Two Skewers in the book Altar of the Ancestor of a PeachY “chike” in Darkness and light… He was awarded the title of Distinguished Artist by the State in 1991.

Bao Quoc participates in the book "Pomegranate's life"

Bao Quoc performed the excerpt “The life of Ms. Luu” in the 2008 Hong Nga liveshow. Video: Youtube Artist Hong Nga

Project 3D hamlet, streaming from the evening of May 21, once a week every episode, marking Gia Bao’s 20 years in the profession. The series revolves around the LGBT community (gay, bisexual and transgender), with the participation of artists Thanh Dien, Bao Tri, Thanh Hang, Ngan Quynh… Gia Bao invites many transgender people from one burden. bingo to make the work more realistic.

Unlike many films with the same topic, Gia Bao exploits the story in optimistic and cheerful colors. In the film, transgender people, despite working hard and doing many jobs for a living, still try to assert themselves to find happiness.

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