Bank Holidays in june 2021: Banks will be closed for several days in June next month, know when and why

Amid the second wave of Corona epidemic in the country, all banks are providing mostly online services to their customers. From which the customers do not have to go to the bank until it is very important. The movement of banks between restrictions like lockdown is also less. Nevertheless, if you have any important work of the bank in the month of June, then it is important for you to know on which day in the month of June the bank will be discharged.

Explain that the list of bank holidays is issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In this, the holidays of all banks are fixed according to the state. As per the holidays issued by RBI, banks will remain closed for a total of 9 days in the month of June, including weekly holidays and other holidays. There is no major festival in the month of June. Hence, most holidays are weekly holidays on Sundays and Saturdays. Banks will remain closed in the month of June due to local festivals in some states.

Get a lot of facilities from banks sitting at home

However, due to the second wave of corona and lock down, the advice of banks is that you can get many facilities from it online by sitting at home. If you want cash, then government banks also bring you home. You are also getting services related to check book, life certificate, sitting at home. Therefore, in the midst of the corona epidemic, it is better that you do not get out of the house and be safe.

Banks will remain closed on this day

6 June – Sunday

12 June – Second Saturday

13 June – Sunday

June 15 – Mithun Sankranti and Raj festival (banks will be closed in Izwal-Mizoram, Bhubaneswar)

20 June – Sunday

25 June – Jayanti of Guru Hargobind ji (Banks of Jammu and Srinagar will remain closed)

26 June – Second Saturday

27 June – Sunday

June 30 – Remna Ni (banks will remain closed in Izwal only)

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