BAMS referee – not to whistle THAT is a mystery to me

I could imagine that Guido Winkmann was happy yesterday that VfB won. He whistled the Stuttgart game against Schalke – and was once very wrong.

In the 19th minute, Wamangituka had penetrated the penalty area, took off in a duel with Schalke’s Thiaw – clear penalty. Winkmann probably thought: “If you take off like that, you can’t have been hit.” But he was. Why the video assistant didn’t correct the wrong decision at the latest is a mystery to me.

One look on Thiaw’s face would have been enough to know: someone had a guilty conscience. Hardly anyone can really control the facial expressions in the first second, and as a referee you collect such clues.

The fact that Winkmann gave a dubious penalty for Schalke in the second half unfortunately fits into the picture. You will find out at the latest by half-time whether you have made a mistake. And then you only whistle a penalty for the other team if you are absolutely sure.

Schalke’s 911 was maybe 70 percent safe – but the squires missed and Stuttgart won confidently …


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