Avian influenza: new outbreak in a northern farm, animals slaughtered

Two other suspicious areas “are under investigation”, indicates the North Prefecture.

A new outbreak of avian flu was discovered over the weekend in a breeding farm in the North, whose animals must be slaughtered, the prefecture announced on Monday, ten days after a first case in a French farm in the same department.

This weekend, a new outbreak of avian influenza was discovered in the town of Winnezeele“, Writes the northern prefecture in a press release. In order to prevent any spread of the virus beyond this outbreak, the slaughter of farm animals begins Monday, before disinfection of the site, continues the prefecture. A protection zone (3 km around the outbreak) and a surveillance zone (10 km) have also been established. “Two other suspected avian influenza, in farms located in the surveillance and protection zones established, are being investigated.», Indicates the press release.

Second proven outbreak

After being spotted among wild birds and in a few French backyards, avian influenza was identified on November 26 in a laying hen farm in the town of Warhem (North). This first case in a breeding had again caused France to lose its status “unharmed”Of avian influenza, which she had just found on September 2. Contacted by AFP, the prefecture did not provide details on the new affected farm and the type of virus identified. On Warhem’s breeding, it was the H5N1 virus, the ministry said.

Since the beginning of August, “numerous outbreaks of avian influenza have been detected in wildlife or in farms in Europe, particularly on the shores of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In recent months, the health authorities of many Member States (Netherlands, Germany, Italy, etc.) have notified outbreaks in poultry farms (turkeys and broilers, laying hens)», Summarizes the Ministry of Agriculture on its website.


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