Austria: establishment of containment for unvaccinated people

The Austrian Chancellor announced Sunday, November 14 the entry into force from Monday of a confinement for people who have not been vaccinated or who have not recently contracted Covid-19. The objective of this measure is to try to stem the record number of new cases.

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” The situation is serious (…). We do not take this measure with a light heart but unfortunately it is necessary ”Alexander Schallenberg said at a press conference in Vienna. About 65% of the population received both doses of the vaccine in Austria, which is lower than the European average of 67% and far from countries like Spain (79%) or France (75%).

Alexander Schallenberg described this rate as “Shamefully low”, when he reported on this containment project on Friday, November 12.

Measurement evaluation in ten days

Concretely, the people concerned will not have the right to leave their home except for shopping, sports or for medical care. The measure applies from the age of 12. Unannounced checks will be carried out.

The government will assess the effect of these restrictions in ten days, said Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein on Sunday, calling on the refractory to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Parliament must approve the measure in the evening, a priori a simple formality. More than 13,000 new cases were recorded on Saturday, November 13 in this country of 9.8 million inhabitants, the highest since the start of the pandemic.


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