‘Australian swan’ takes care of skin with oil

Actress Nicole Kidman maintains her youthful appearance at the age of 54 by learning natural skin care methods from her mother such as using marula oil.

Nicole Kidman is admired by many women for her bright, smooth skin with few wrinkles. Nicole said she learned from her mother’s holistic beauty perspective. She told Instyle in April: “My mother is a very feminine and meticulous person. She always teaches her children to be neat and fragrant from head to toe, seeing it as respect for the body as well as for the people they meet. Even during the time of separation, I still do my hair and dress properly to make my mood better. I will teach my children the same.”

Follow Elle, the beauty secret of the actress starts from the cleaning step. Because of her sensitive skin, she often chooses a cleanser with benign ingredients, gently massages all over her face and pats dry with a soft towel. She uses retinol every night to solve acne, pigmentation, anti-wrinkle problems… Nicole said that thanks to choosing a good moisturizing cream, her easily irritated skin does not experience dryness or flaking. She also adds vitamin C in her routine to increase the antioxidant effect.

Nicole Kidman was praised for “reverse aging” for her smooth skin at the age of 54.

Movie star Big Little Lies It doesn’t matter if the product is expensive or cheap. She gives many compliments to the La Mer brand cream (priced at about 200 USD) and Aquaphor (19 USD) that she is using.

Her favorite skincare products are balms containing CDB, marula oil, argan oil and vitamin E. Nicole often applies evenly to her face and ears. Page Medical News Today said CDB is an ingredient that has a relaxing effect, helping the skin stay healthy and shiny. And according to American dermatologist Debra Jaliman, author of the book Skin rulesMarula oil helps to overcome dry skin, redness, does not clog pores even though it is rich in Omega fatty acids. For hair, the star uses sesame and almond extract oils, which help restore and stimulate hair follicles to grow. She moisturizes the entire skin under the heels.

Because of her busy work, she only spends ten minutes on beauty every morning and evening. “Time with my husband and children is so precious, I can’t spend an hour taking care of my skin,” she said Elle. Besides, Nicole likes to leave her face bare when not working. She did not use any additional cosmetics, including lipstick or eyebrow pencil. As someone who likes to be outdoors and exposed to a lot of studio lights, Nicole uses sunscreen with SPF 100+. The actress also likes to invite a professional massage therapist at home to reduce stress, sleep deeper and provide moisture to the skin with essential oils.

Despite always taking full care, Nicole believes that wrinkles or old age are not a big problem. She believes that middle-aged beauty comes from a healthy and energetic body. “No one can stay young forever, but let’s age beautifully. This is also a fun period in life,” the actress told. Glamor 2018.

Many people have expressed doubt that the star uses cosmetic methods to keep the skin smooth and shiny. In a magazine interview La Repubblica of Italy in 2013, Nicole said she had botox injections in the eye area but only for a short time: “My face is completely natural now. People can do this and that to change, I don’t. judgment but believe in the inherent harmony of the body”.

'Australian swan' is young and beautiful at 54 years old thanks to balm

Actress Nicole Kidman applies oil before makeup to have a smooth skin.

Born in 1967 in a family with parents working in medicine, Nicole loved to dance and sing since childhood. She studied ballet from the age of four, then studied at Sydney’s Australian Youth Drama Theater. Nicole Kidman made her screen debut in 1983 in the video Bop Girl by Pat Wilson at the age of 15.

The actress and her husband – singer Keith Urban – live in Nashville, USA but own a large mansion and farm in Sydney, Australia. They have two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Van An (photos, videos: Instagram Nicole Kidman)


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