At the DFL: Mainz 05 applies for game cancellation for Augsburg!

After the game between Dortmund and Mainz (moved from Sunday to March 16), the Bundesliga is now facing the next game failure.

The corona situation at Mainz 05 (a total of 20 people from the licensed players area including head coach Bo Svensson are in domestic isolation) has not yet improved.

On Wednesday morning, the Rheinhessen therefore submitted an application to the DFL to postpone the game planned for Saturday at FC Augsburg! “Mainz 05 does not have the necessary number of operational and eligible players for this game,” the club said in a statement.

According to BILD information, none of the 14 infected 05 professionals is completely symptom-free. According to the rules of the health authorities, an attempt to free test from the ten-day quarantine is only possible if the person concerned has had no symptoms for 48 hours. Eleven Mainzers could have tried free testing on Thursday (the rest later anyway, one even only on Sunday) and then started training again on Friday if they had tested negative. As things stand today, these tests can probably be carried out on Friday at the earliest.

Apparently coach Svensson was hit the hardest. At the beginning of the week, the Dane showed very strong flu and cold symptoms, had hardly any voice, so that the sporting leadership left him completely alone.

As BILD learned, the affected players are doing well so far: However, almost all of them show more or less severe cold symptoms. In a conversation with BILD, sports director Christian Heidel (58) also indicated that the doctors were putting pressure on the club. They warn against allowing athletes to do high-performance sports only shortly after a corona infection: This can be very harmful to health!

That’s why Heidel says: “We don’t let anyone on the spot who hasn’t been completely turned upside down in the university clinic, examined internally and declared completely healthy – otherwise the risk of something happening is just too great for us.”

The bottom line is that everything for the game on Saturday probably means that the DFL has to agree to a transfer. When and how quickly this decision will be made is still completely open!


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