At Pulido and Münster: love at first sight!

He came, saw – and was immediately enthusiastic …

At Pulido and Münster. Love at first sight!

Prussia’s new entry Manuel Farrona Pulido (28 / contract until 2023 plus option) does not need a long start-up time. Neither on the pitch, where he was in the starting XI after only two training sessions at Rödinghausen 0-0. Still feeling like you’ve made the right decision. The ex-Rostock on BILD: “Münster was the perfect choice – I am already convinced of that.”

What makes him so sure? On the one hand, the friendly and quick reception by his new team colleagues. Pulido: “Although I hadn’t played with any of them before, it was completely problem-free. I have never been welcomed so openly and warmly anywhere before. “

Have already broken up their tents in Rostock on Monday and are really looking forward to Münster: Manuel Farrona Pulido and partner Laura KrämerPhoto: private

On the other hand, there is also the cityscape. With his friend Laura – together they have one-year-old offspring – he strolled through the city on the first evening. With big eyes. Pulido impressed: “I was totally amazed how beautiful Münster is. The great old buildings with a great history and the young audience – just awesome. Laura and I are thrilled and we already know that we will definitely feel at home here. “

At the same time one of the reasons why the German-Spaniard has turned down other offers – including from third division clubs. Despite better earning potential. Pulido, already intensely looking for an apartment with his small family: “I’m not just looking at the money. The overall package just has to be right. In addition to the association, also the quality of life and all the trappings. ”Just like with Prussia and Münster …

After he received the request from sports director Peter Niemeyer (37) and trainer Sascha Hildmann (49), Pulido immediately spoke to Hansa teammate Jan Löhmannsröben (30) about it. Even ex-Prussians, like Pulido surprisingly sorted out by the Ostsee Club after Rostock’s promotion to the second division, and also one of his best friends. “Löh urgently advised me to accept. Because he really enjoyed it here too. When he says something like that, I trust him completely. “

Manuel Farrona Pulido, here with Henok teklab, was received with much applause from the Prussian fans

Manuel Farrona Pulido, here with Henok teklab, was received with much applause from the Prussian fansPhoto: firo Sportphoto / Jan Fromme

Therefore, the change from the 2nd to the 4th league is not a step backwards for the wing racer with the left sticker. But above all a new challenge. Especially since the goal of the Prussians is “resurgence”. The native of Kaltenkirchen (near Hamburg), son of a Spaniard and a German, sure: “We have the necessary quality in the squad to be at the top right through to the end.”

Hopefully he’s right …


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