ASML, the linchpin of chipmakers

SEMICONDUCTORS (6/6) – Dutch is in a unique position. It manufactures the majority of the machines used for chip production.

Imagine a world without smartphones, computers, televisions, or cars … This is what could happen if the shortage of microchips were to worsen. Today, only a handful of global giants are capable of designing and manufacturing these increasingly sophisticated products. Journey to the heart of the reactor of our digital world.

The Netherlands are known for their tulips, less so for their key role in the semiconductor industry. ASML is nevertheless one of the most flourishing companies of the moment, driven by the tremendous surge in demand for electronic components. And for good reason: it is she who manufactures the machines used to produce the chips.

As in the history of the gold rush, where shovel dealers made their fortune long before prospectors, ASML saw its value soar on the stock market. Its capitalization has tripled in two years to reach 273 billion euros. The group expects to record a rise

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