As a replacement for Daube – Klann hopes for his Prussian chance!

If not now then when…

As a replacement for stave. Klann hopes for his Prussian chance!

The serious injury to midfield veteran Dennis Daube (32 / cruciate ligament rupture / 6 months forced break) and its consequences – since Münster’s “six” was out, head coach Sascha Hildmann (49) is looking for the organizing hand for his team he let Joshua Holtby (25) play defensively, in Cologne (2: 3) he finally put Jules Schwadorf (28) in front of the back three.

Two rather surprising tactic variants, especially since with Dominik Klann (22) he has a candidate in the squad who could take over the stave role one-on-one. And just waiting for his chance!

Klann to BILD: “I would like to be able to show my skills. Actually, after Daube’s failure, I had expected a mission because it was exactly my position. “And further:” Of course I have the confidence to do this. Although Dennis’s quality is of course difficult to replace. “

But so far Klann has only sat on the bench, he is still without a single league minute for the entire season. Which is all the more surprising since Hildmann repeatedly emphasizes his abilities: “Dominik is a committed, reliable and important player on our team. A really good boy who really gets involved in training every day. “

Prussia’s appreciation for the native of Essen, who made the leap to the professional camp from his own junior department, is so great that in February of this year – together with “long-time fighter” Nicolai Remberg (22) – he signed an early contract Extension was offered, which he also agreed …

Not a man of big words. Instead, Dominik Klann (left) is a reliable and committed fighter in Prussia’s midfieldPhoto: Revierfoto

Possible doubts that he might have signed too early have not (yet) occurred to him despite the current unsatisfactory situation. “No,” confirms the rather reserved eagle-bearer, “I don’t have these thoughts. I will continue to work hard and step on the gas. In order to be well prepared when I am needed.”

Last weekend he also gained match experience in Münster’s second substitute in their 3-1 win against Haltern. It is quite conceivable that those responsible intended his performance in the league as a dress rehearsal. For the next regional league task against Fortuna Düsseldorf II (Saturday / 2 p.m.), where the Prussians absolutely want to find their way back to their successful track (only victory from the last six games). And have to, if the dream of third division promotion is to continue to live.

Possibly with Klann. If not now then when?!


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