Artist Hoang Bach’s mother loves to sing at the age of 80

At the age of 80, Hoang Bach’s mother – Mrs. Thuc An – still practices vocals every day, and runs shows with her son because of his passion for music.

On June 15, Hoang Bach shared a video with his mother practicing singing songs Mom’s Dream (Hua Kim Tuyen) on TikTok channel, attracting nearly 600 thousand likes. Thuc An’s emotional voice made many Hoang Bach colleagues like Quang Dung, Dong Lan, Trung Quan… admire. “Touching and wonderful”, Quang Dung commented. Hoang Bach said that he was surprised at the interest in the video.

Hoang Bach and his mother – Mrs. Thuc An – performed the song “Mother’s Dream”. Video: Characters provided

Despite her age, Ms. Thuc An spends an hour or two every day practicing her voice and practicing her new favorite songs. When she heard a good song, if she was not familiar with the new genre, she asked her son to guide her. Ms. Thuc An has the strength to sing revolutionary and chamber music, so when performing music Mom’s Dream belongs to the ballad genre mixed with a bit of RnB, she had to practice for a long time. Hoang Bach said: “Seeing that my mother loved the song, I also listened to the melody and practiced with her. At home, mother and daughter exchanged music often. Her age is old, but her voice is clear and strong. Every time. Being able to sing with my mother, I feel like I have a gift,” the singer said.

Knowing that her mother loved music, Hoang Bach encouraged her to participate in the contest And I still sing April, won second place overall. The singer said his mother was a little apprehensive at first, but after her son’s persuasion, she agreed. Ms. Thuc An advised not to let the organizers know that she was his mother so as not to get too much attention, to comfortably compete with talent. For two months, she chose songs and practiced lyrics, eagerly sewing costumes for the stage. “Looking at my mother’s eyes shining with happiness, I’m also happy,” the singer said.

From time to time, Ms. Thuc An and her son go to perform some suitable events. Hoang Bach said that the remuneration received by mother and daughter was divided in half. Hoang Bach said: “Every time I receive the expenses for the show, my mother keeps them carefully. She thinks that in the late afternoon, being able to work with her talent and earn money is not as fun.”

Hoang Bach and his mother attended the Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Festival in March. Photo: Provided by Characters

Hoang Bach and his mother participated in the “Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Festival” in March. Photo: Characters provided

Mother is an important music teacher in the male singer’s life. Since childhood, the former AC&M member was nurtured by her mother’s passion with lullabies. When Hoang Bach could read and write, Mrs. Thuc An taught him the first notes. “At that time, my mother wrote music notes on cardboard and only her son could distinguish white and black notes on the staff. At the age of six, my mother sent me to learn musical instruments such as guitar and organ. When the whole family moved from Nam Dinh moved to Ho Chi Minh City to live, she took my hand to meet artist Tran Hieu for vocal training,” the singer said.

Not only admiring her mother’s talent, Hoang Bach considers her an example in how to treat people, live for her family. Thuc An was born in 1942, studied at the Hanoi Conservatory of Music before becoming a singer of the local music troupe – Nam Dinh. When she was young, she gave up the opportunity to develop her career, retired to take care of her family behind the scenes, so that her husband – artist Hoang Hai – flourished in the dance profession. Former AC&M member said that after many years of dedication to the arts, when he retired, his father was awarded the State Prize. That achievement was thanks to the silent contribution of her mother. According to Hoang Bach, artist Tran Hieu once regretted that his mother did not pursue singing to the end because she was one of his highly appreciated students.

In addition to the virtue of sacrifice, the singer’s mother always has a scientific way of life and an optimistic and dynamic spirit. At the age of 80, she exercises every morning, dances with old friends in the evening, and plays social media. Hoang Bach said his mother’s positive lifestyle has inspired her children and grandchildren to follow.

80-year-old mother Hoang Bach still loves to sing

Thuc An sang “Spring and youth” (music: La Hoi, lyrics: The Lu) in the program “And I still sing”. Video: Youtube HTV Entertainment

Hoang Bach was born in 1980, was exposed to music by his parents since childhood. In the 2000s, he gained attention when he joined the boy band AC&M. After the group disbanded, he went solo, often releasing family-themed music products like albums 30+, I want to go home! (2015), MV We grow old together (2019)… Recently, he formed a new band. Hoang Bach is married to businessman Thanh Thao, has three children: two boys, one girl.

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