Applying for a credit card can be rejected due to these four reasons, know

In today’s era, the use of credit cards is increasing. In such a situation, applying for a credit card is also easy now. If you are applying for a credit card, then know that on an application, the lender decides whether to give the credit card or not, for this, he sees many things.

Keep in mind that based on some factors, the lender can reject your credit card application.

  • A change in job is considered a sign of unstable career. This is the reason why those who constantly change jobs are considered less creditworthy.
  • Low credit score: CIBIL score is very important basis. Whenever a person applies for a loan or credit card, the CIBIL score is checked. Application may be rejected due to low CIBIL score.
  • Avoid applying for multiple credit cards at some time. Keep in mind that inquiring for more than one credit card has a poor effect on CIBIL scores. Apply for a credit card only when it is very important.
  • The income required for a credit card varies with credit card issuers. If the applicant does not earn enough money for a particular credit card, a credit card application may be rejected.

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