Ao Dai designer Le Thanh Phuong passed away

Le Thanh Phuong – designer of Ao Dai for many famous artists and films – died at the age of 52, due to acute kidney failure.

Actor Hong Anh – the representative of designer Le Thanh Phuong’s family – said he died at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh City, at 13:55. The female artist said: “The family is doing procedures to bring him back to his hometown to take care of the aftermath.”

The enthronement ceremony will take place on the evening of September 30, then the designer’s body will be brought home by his family in Ba Tri, Ben Tre, and buried on October 2, according to the wishes of Le Thanh Phuong while he was still alive. .

Designer Le Thanh Phuong in a photo posted on his personal Facebook in June. Photo: Facebook character

Artist Hong Anh said that designer Thanh Phuong was hospitalized in August because of a cough due to sequelae of Covid-19. At first, his health improved, his spirit was optimistic, he still interacted with friends through some activities on Facebook. However, about three weeks ago, his condition changed suddenly, he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit on a ventilator, his lungs and kidneys suffered severe damage. Over the past few days, the designer’s siblings took turns taking care of them, and friends often came and encouraged them.

Hong Anh said she knew designer Le Thanh Phuong in 1996, before filming Sand life. “I used to wear a lot of ao dai designs designed by Mr. Phuong. What I like most about his style is the technique of cutting and sewing, creating a modern but still traditional look. Between me and Mr. Phuong. have a beautiful friendship, spanning many decades,” said the artist.

Designer Si Hoang said sadly when he received the sad news. He wrote on Facebook the line to say goodbye to his colleagues: “Le Thanh Phuong, I’m gone, back to a place where there is no more grief and worry. Let’s go on the road with a smile.”

In mid-September, when he heard that Thanh Phuong was hospitalized, Si Hoang worried and prayed for his juniors. Thanh Phuong won the second prize in the contest Vietnam Collection Since college days, designing costumes for many movies. Si Hoang said: “We are both painters, but we have become famous with ao dai, so we love each other very much. Every time we perform at the same event, besides talent, the thing I love most about Phuong is always bringing my mother from Ben Ben. Bamboo comes along so that she can be proud of her son’s work.”

Xuan Lan (left) and Hong Anh wore ao dai by designer Le Thanh Phuong many years ago.  Photo: Character provided

Xuan Lan (left) and Hong Anh wore ao dai by designer Le Thanh Phuong many years ago. Image: Characters provided

Model Xuan Lan shared a photo of Thanh Phuong wearing ao dai many years ago to say goodbye to him. “Thank you for making me so many beautiful costumes to show during the modeling process. Now the pain is over. You can go peacefully,” she wrote.

Le Thanh Phuong and models at the show to introduce ao dai collection in the US in 2013. Photo: Ho Diep

Le Thanh Phuong and the models at the show to introduce the Ao Dai collection in the US in 2013. Photo: Phalaenopsis

Designer Le Thanh Phuong was born on December 28, 1970, from Ben Tre. He graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts with a major in graphic design, then pursued fashion design, choosing to design ao dai. His name is associated with many collections imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity. He originally loved striking, fresh colors, building a simple design style, elegant design, without many cumbersome details.

In previous interviews, Thanh Phuong said: “When designing clothes, I can do the things I want that the graphics can’t show. For me, a designer must know how to cherish. beauty, that’s how you can create impressive collections. To have such awareness, you have to study a lot.”

In January 2013, Ao Dai samples of Le Thanh Phuong were exhibited at the Museum of Natural History (USA) and had a show here. He also designed costumes for movies including Long-legged girls, Battle Bride, TV series CUgly, U6 & U7…

Designer Le Thanh Phuong in the program

Designer Le Thanh Phuong talks about the Ao Dai collection performed in the US in 2013 at the show “Mekong Vitality”. Video: VTV Can Tho

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