Announcement of Hero MotoCorp, production will now be closed till May 16 in all its plants

The country’s two-wheeler company Hero MotoCorp has decided to shut down its manufacturing plants, Global Parts Center and R&D facility for another week. Due to Corona infection, these centers will not be functional till May 16. The company has said that this step has been taken in view of the health and safety of the employees. In these times of Corona transition, these centers will not work until the situation improves.

The company said, this decision was taken for the safety of the employees

The company said that it is monitoring the situation. Manufacturing will be started as soon as the corona infection shows a decrease and the situation improves. Production will speed up as soon as the situation improves. Hero Moto Corp had decided to stop production at all its plants from 22 April to 1 May. Under this, production was stopped in production centers and plants, except for some emergency services. The company said in its statement during that time that the lockdown would not affect the company’s ability to meet the demand. Which has happened due to local closure in many states. The company had said that all its corporate offices are at work from home mode.

Lockdown will affect auto industry

The auto industry was in a hurry to recover after the lockdown that took place last year. Therefore, many brands had gained good momentum in the market by speeding up production. There was also a good increase in sales. But to control the second wave of Corona, the lockdown is considered to be very harmful for this industry. The lockdown imposed in many states can affect the auto industry again as the Indian economy. It is believed that the lockdown in many states can affect the auto industry again as the Indian economy.

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