Anne Hidalgo believes that the increase in working time is a “misunderstanding”

Invited from France 3 this Sunday, the PS candidate says she wants to be “the president of social progress”.

PS presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo, who wants to be “The president of social progress”, hears “To raise the question of working time”, judging that going towards its increase is “a misunderstanding“. “Raising the issue of working time is obvious (…) Working conditions have deteriorated a lot, teleworking has gained momentum” so “We must ask the question of how we share our time”, declared Anne Hidalgo in “Sunday in politics»On France 3.

This close to Martine Aubry, who had worn the 35-hour week, was questioned about the idea of ​​32 hours. “It is not up to a president to decide, but politics is there to give an impetus “and” the left has always given this impetus “, replied Ms. Hidalgo, referring as for wages to branch or inter-professional negotiations.

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A call to the left of the macronie

In Paris, where she is mayor, she “Refuses to increase the working time of garbage collectors or early childhood staff“, who “Have been on the front line”. According to this former labor inspector, “Going towards an increase in working time is a misunderstanding“And the government of Jean Castex, which she judges”of right“, born “does not want to ask these subjects of social progress“.

Anne Hidalgo, whose nomination by the PS is to be confirmed on Thursday, called on the left wing of the macronie, which includes former socialists, to join it: “The poor are unhappy, let them come back”. As a major reform of society, the candidate also promises, “from the start of the five-year term“In 2022, to enforce”the right to die with dignity“. “It has only been too long since the majority of French people are in favor”, she argued, while the subject of euthanasia has unleashed passions this year in the National Assembly and the executive has referred this “major societal issue»In the presidential debate.

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