Angelique Kerber wins without her ailing trainer Torben Beltz

What a tension! But Angelique Kerber (33) would have loved to do without that. The Kiel woman needed three sets to beat the Ukrainian Dajana Jastremska (21): 3: 6, 6: 4, 7: 6.

The three-time Grand Slam winner was already two points away from the end of the game at 3: 5 in the third set when she ignited the turbo. Late, but not too late. After 2:25 hours she converted the first match point.

Kerber: “She put so much pressure on me, I just couldn’t play my game. She dictated the game. ”Only in the tie break did Kerber remember her point-by-point strategy.

Again and again Angelique Kerber quarreled with herself after points awardedPhoto: Sarah Stier / AFP

According to Kerber, she had to go through the “roller coaster ride” without her trainer. According to BILD information, Torben Beltz (44) was sick in the hotel room. But on Wednesday in the 2nd round he wants to be back in the stands.

On Court 17 in the shadow of the famous Arthur Ashe Stadium, where she won the tournament in 2016, things didn’t go smoothly from the start. She benefited a lot from her opponent’s mistakes, but if she did break she lost that advantage immediately.

At the end of the first sentence nothing came together anymore. The Ukrainian, number 46 in the world, did not give up a game after 3: 3.

The second movement was as tight as the first. During the breaks, Kerber buried her head under a towel. The heat in the square was almost unbearable. In the sun it was over 30 degrees.

But the German apparently got along well with it. This time she didn’t let herself buy the guts and saved herself with a 6: 4 in the third set. She made the crucial break at just the right time towards the end of the run.

At first, Kerber remained dominant and took a 2-0 lead. But then she lost her nerve. The favorite, who played very well in recent weeks and reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon, gave up her serve to zero and the quick advantage was gone again just as quickly.

Dajana Jastremska found her way into the game through the fight, but was left behind in the end

Dajana Jastremska found her way into the game through the fight, but was left behind in the endPhoto: Sarah Stier / AFP

Even worse! The Ukrainian for her part got a break and served at 5-3 to win the match. She was only missing two points. But then Kerber’s fighting spirit awoke! She turned the game around and made the tie break.

There was no stopping it. The favorite had arrived in the tournament and got the tie break 7: 3. On Wednesday it will be against the next Ukrainian, Angelina Kalinina (24), the number 76. But caution is advised against her, because she was thrown out of the French Open in the first round.

Angelique Kerber is in the 2nd round of the US Open

Angelique Kerber is in the 2nd round of the US OpenPhoto: ANGELA WEISS / AFP

Kerber: “I still have a bill against you. But I’m looking forward to the match. I now know what to expect when the conditions are completely different from those on sand. “

Tennis legend Boris Becker already sees Kerber as a co-favorite for the title. What does she say herself? “I think the favorites here are completely different from me. Yes, I played well in Cincinnati and also beat good opponents. That gave me the confidence to win even close matches. ”As you could see in New York.

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