Amidst the fall in the stock market, the shares of startup companies who brought IPO were most beaten

Black Monday For Stock Market: The effect of a huge fall in the stock market on Monday is on the entire market. All sectors have been beaten up. But in today’s trading session, the most beating has been the startup companies which made a lot of noise during their listing in 2021. On Monday, the heroine, Zomato, Paytm’s policy market car trade have been severely beaten.

Paytm rolled below 900
The decline in the stock of Paytm is not taking its name to stop. Paytm’s stock has fallen below Rs 900. The share of Paytm is trading close to Rs 885 with a fall of 8 percent.

Zomato stock status
The stock of Zomato has fallen below Rs 100 for the first time after its listing. On Monday, Zomato fell by more than 18 percent and it goes up to Rs 91.60. Let us tell you that Zomato’s stock has come down by 44 percent from its highest level.

Nykaa’s thrashing
The stock of Nykaa, which has created panic with its listing, is also seeing a huge decline. The share of Nayak is trading at Rs 1778 per share with a fall of 11 per cent.


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