Amber Heard’s ability to pay fines

AmericaAmber Heard has a net worth of about $2.5 to $8 million, and was fined more than $10 million by the court for losing the lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

After the hearing on June 1, a judge in Fairfax determined that Amber Heard acted on purpose when writing the article on Washington Post, asking her to pay $10 million in punitive damages and $5 million in punitive damages (a special, deterrent type of punitive damages) to her ex-husband. However, Heard will only have to pay $10.35 million because Virginia state law stipulates a maximum of $350,000 in punitive damages.

Judgment of the judge in the trial on June 1. Video: People

Follow CBS News, Amber Heard earns many millions of dollars thanks to the main job acting. However, her career was heavily influenced by the scandal with her ex-husband. The actress’s side is estimated to lose the opportunity to earn $ 45-50 million because the studios turned their backs. Many experts question Heard’s ability to pay fines when some sources believe that she currently only owns a net worth of about $2.5-8 million.

Amber Heard hearing the judge's verdict at the trial on June 1.  Photo: Reuters

Amber Heard hearing the judge’s verdict at the trial on June 1. Image: Reuters

Some sources estimate Heard’s money through film contracts, compensation from Johnny Depp’s divorce. After the divorce, Heard announced that he would donate all of the seven million dollars in compensation to charities. However, she has not fulfilled her promise, using the excuse to focus on the trial.

The actress may own some valuable real estate, jewelry and items. Follow Tragos, when losing a lawsuit, people often sell or mortgage these properties to pay a fine. She can also borrow or ask for support from relatives and friends to repay the debt. Some sources have suggested that billionaire Elon Musk – ex-boyfriend – helps Amber Heard donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities.

If immediate payment is not possible, Amber Heard may also choose to apply for arrears and pay with future wages. However, the actress had to pay a mortgage as required by the court. Sandra Spurgeon – a lawyer in Kentucky – told CBS: “For individuals who can’t afford to pay or pay their mortgages, they can run into serious problems if the winning side is determined to claim the money.”

Experts say there are two cases where Amber Heard did not need to pay a fine. Firstly, the actress has the right to file an appeal and can have her sentence reduced or not pay money if she wins. Follow New York TimesAlafair Hall – spokesperson for Amber Heard – said the star Aquaman She is planning to appeal. However, she had to mortgage the $10.35 million fine before filing.

Second, Johnny Depp’s side has the ability to apply for Amber Heard’s punishment if he wants to. Attorney Sandra Spurgeon told CBS: “Depp is at the helm in this case. In the above post Instagram after winning, he did not mention that he wanted to force Amber Heard to pay the fine to the end. The actor said the purpose of the lawsuit is to expose the truth, regardless of the outcome.” Johnny Depp also said he was relieved to have accomplished his goal.

Johnny Depp, 59, wins his ex-wife case after six weeks in court.  Photo: AP

Johnny Depp, 59, wins his ex-wife case after six weeks in court. Image: AP

Some experts point out that Amber Heard has a last resort if unable to pay. The actress has the right to file for bankruptcy and remove the $10 million penalty in damages. However, Heard will still have to pay $350,000 in punitive damages, according to Virginia law.

After losing the lawsuit, Amber Heard wrote on her personal page that she was disappointed and said that the verdict “retraces the view that violence against women should be taken seriously”. The actress did not mention her current financial situation or the possibility of paying a fine. She also received two million USD in compensation from Depp, because of a legal argument on the actor’s side Pirates of the Caribbean mentioned in articles in the newspaper Daily Mail.

The lawsuit originated from Amber Heard’s article on Washington Post in 2018, two years after they divorced. In it, Heard called to oppose sexual violence, seeing himself as a victim of domestic violence. Although she did not directly mention Depp’s name, the actor was boycotted by Hollywood and lost many projects. He sued his ex-wife for $50 million for defamation. Heard countersued, seeking compensation of $ 100 million for the same crime.

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