Amber Heard says she lost her lawsuit because of social media

Actress Amber Heard says being humiliated on social media is the reason she lost her lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

June 13, channel Today broadcast excerpts of Amber Heard’s first interview after the trial. The actor said: “Even those who are sure that I deserve this horrible hate, who think I’m lying, you can’t look me in the eye and say what happened on social media recently. is fair”.

Amber Heard gives an interview for the first time after her lawsuit with Johnny Depp. Video: NBC

Amber Heard argued that the jury was influenced by information online. In the past, the judge repeatedly reminded the jury to avoid reading social media during the trial. On platforms, especially TikTok, the wave of support for Johnny Depp in the lawsuit is many times larger than that of Amber Heard. Follow Todayas of June 3, videos with hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp support the star Pirates of the Caribbean attracted 20 billion views. Meanwhile, posts siding with Amber Heard have only 80 million views.

The actor did not blame the jury for giving the verdict in favor of her ex-husband. “I understand their decision. Depp is a beloved character and people think they understand him. Depp is a great actor!”, Heard said.

She also confirmed with Today not offended by public opinion. “I don’t care about judgments and opinions about my private life. I don’t think the average person can understand what goes on behind the scenes of that marriage. So I don’t mind,” she said. said.

After hearing the court’s decision on June 1, Amber Heard said the verdict “retards the notion that violence against women should be taken seriously” and will appeal. She had to pay a fine of $10.35 million for defamation-related charges. The actress did not mention her current financial situation or the possibility of paying a fine. Heard received two million USD in compensation from Depp, because of a point the actor’s attorney raised in articles in the newspaper. Daily Mail.

The lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp originated from Amber Heard’s article on Washington Post in 2018, two years after they divorced. In it, Heard called to oppose sexual violence, seeing himself as a victim of domestic violence. Although she did not directly mention Depp’s name, the actor was boycotted by Hollywood and lost many projects. He sued his ex-wife for $50 million for defamation. Heard countersued, seeking compensation of $ 100 million for the same crime.

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