Alleged blackmail & drug trafficking: Ex-professional Deniz Naki in prison

As a football professional, Deniz Naki (31) was one who polarized. Celebrated as an emotional striker at St. Pauli, he turned an entire stadium against himself with a head-down gesture in Rostock. The DFB banned the former German U21 international for three games for grossly unsportsmanlike behavior.

Now the public prosecutor’s office in Aachen shows the professional (20 Bundesliga and 85 second division games) the red card. According to information from the “Welt”, Naki has been in custody since July.

The German U19 European champion with Kurdish roots is accused of extortion and violations of the Narcotics Act. As the “world” learned from investigative circles, Naki is said to be part of a criminal organization. The rocker-like group of around twelve people are charged with extortion and robbery.

Deniz Naki began his career in the Bayer Leverkusen youth team and was promoted to the Bundesliga with St. Pauli. In 2013 he moved to Turkey, most recently playing for the Kurdish club Amed SK. In 2018 he was banned for life by the Turkish Association for “ideological propaganda”. In Germany, Naki was shot at while driving a car in 2018. At the time, Naki suspected a political background. The investigation was closed.

Deniz Naki (r.) In conversation with Toni Kross during the 2009 European Championship qualifying game against San Marino (6: 0)Photo: picture-alliance / augenklick / firo Sportphoto

In 2009, Naki played alongside Felix Kroos and Jérôme Boateng in the German U21 national team. The players from that time became world champions in 2014. Deniz Naki’s “career” led to prison in 2020 …


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