Aliette Espieux, March for Life enthusiast

Aliette Espieux, 22, is formal: “ Since I was little, I eat, I live, I dream of abortion “. No more no less. Born into a religious family and committed to defending life, this youngest of thirteen children witnessed, from an early age, a confrontation between pro and anti-abortion. In the camp of pro lives with her family, she remains marked by the methods of those she calls “the pro-dead “. Understand: pro-abortion activists.

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From then on, the machine engages. While her classmates are jumping hopscotch in the schoolyard, she and her friends sell ” spinning tops made with pine cones to raise money for associations against abortion. ” We called each other the “A nous quatre pour la vie” “, she slips. Already the meaning of the formula and a well-oiled communication, when we meet her in a posh bar.

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A communication that has proven itself, while the March for Life, of which she became spokesperson a year and a half ago, waits between ” 25 and 50,000 people “, this Sunday, January 16. Despite the pandemic, these forecasts are on the rise and can be explained in particular by the recent bill on the extension to 14 months of voluntary termination of pregnancy, currently under debate in the Senate.

An obsession with abortion

High on her heels, long brown hair, Aliette Espieux readily describes herself as a ” innocent ” in front of the ” human cruelty of abortion » and does not omit to quote his models. Among them, her brother Frédéric who introduced her to the movement, but especially Jean-Marie Le Méné, president of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, an association for research on Down’s syndrome and the fight against abortion and euthanasia.

The young woman has a passion for this “ ardent defender of life “. Since they met at a European rally against abortion in 2016, she “ drinks his words “. ” For me it was better than meet Selena Gomez or Rihanna “, she lets go, a smile on her lips.

A passion for the defense of life that turns into an obsession. His mother tells him to “read something else and his professors saturate him with his anti-abortion talks. But she says to herself deeply depressed by the fate reserved for the embryos. Leave at ” don’t sleep at night “.

On leaving the caté classes, she trained in philosophy through a priest-teacher in the subject in her native Carpentras (Vaucluse). ” I needed to look for answers in books that were detached from religion “, she specifies. With a degree in philosophy in her pocket in Lyon, the spokesperson for La Marche pour la vie easily quotes Maître Eckhart, Nietzsche, Kant or Plato… But not God, towards whom, paradoxically, she says she felt for a whole period ” a deep hatred, because he was the origin of all these evils “. Another encounter, that of a priest who dedicated his life for women in distress brought her back on the path to church in 2019.

An “aconfessional” movement

Her faith, however, remains outside her fight, she assures, within this movement which presents itself anyway as “non-confessional”, although supported by a certain number of priests: “ I am not a spokesperson for teaching Catholicism “. And she is bitterly angry with young Catholics, who ” do not take responsibility » and prefer « go in the evening ” Where ” to play Playstation “.

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Declaring himself ” feminist “, contrary to the movements in favor of contraception and abortion, Aliette Espieux claims to defend above all ” the distress of women “. She says she regularly talks on the phone with young women ” constraints to abortion. ” Never judge a woman for having an abortion, but help and support her “, she argues.

The student already dreams of being a full-time employee for La Marche pour la vie. Since taking office in September 2020, she has multiplied communication moves to modernize and rejuvenate the fight against abortion. ” I had two dreams: organize a flashmob and send a member of the Pro-Life Generation to The Voice “. The first was already done last year and enabled around twenty local groups to federate. The other just wants to find a volunteer.


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